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Iraq claims local marine

Posted by Stephen on February 16, 2007

Marine Lance Cpl. Daniel Todd Morris, former student and trumpeter for Wilson Memorial High School, in Fishersville, died Wednesday in the Anbar province in Iraq.

Morris, 19 years old from Raphine, was killed outside Haqlaniyah, Iraq, by what officials called an improvised explosive devise, or IED. Morris was a champion in all that he pursued. A top flight trumpeter for the Wilson marching band, Morris determined during his senior year that Iraq was his next calling.

Sarah Miller, Morris’s homeroom teacher during his senior year, recalls an inquisitive senior who asked Miller her opinion regarding the war. Miller, while supportive of the troops, was concerned about what was taking place in Iraq. “I didn’t realize that’s what he was talking about. Miller made up his mind with honorable intentions and honorable actions.

“He wanted to go to Iraq. He wanted to relieve some other man who might be a father or a husband so he could come home to his family,” said marching band leader Matt Baraclough. “Tell me that’s not honorable.”

Family and friends are facing their loss the best that they can. “You just hope it doesn’t come to this, but it was his time,” Donnie Moneymaker, fiancé of Morris’ mother, said Thursday evening. Family members learned of his death Wednesday.

Ironically, Morris was true to who he was to the last. On Wednesday, the day of his death, his mother, Carol Morris Wendell, received a dozen roses and Valentine’s wishes. Friends and family know that’s just who Daniel Todd Morris was.

“You don’t remember them all. You remember kids like Danny,” said Baraclough.

Stephen Winslow is the executive editor of Conservative Viewpoints.


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