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Mark Warner eyeing 08 Senate Run

Posted by Stephen on February 28, 2007

Why not? There are some that believe that Mark Warner can, to some extent, write his own ticket in Virginia. The popular former Democrat Governor was viewed as a legitimate contender for the Democratic nomination for a 2008 presidential run. Warner put together a strong exploratory team and spent considerable time traveling to landmark states such as Iowa while testing the waters.

At some point Warner decided that family commitments were weighing too much to consider what would be an exhausting campaign. Warner put to rest a pursuit for the presidential nomination, for all intent and purpose, before it began. Since then there has been wild speculation as to his future. Would he bide time and gear up for a 2012 run? Would he consider a number two spot on the Democratic ticket in the fall? Would he run for John Warner’s Senate seat?

The hesitation in regards to Mark Warner’s run at John Warner’s seat has to do with a striking friendship the two have forged since 2004. There is plenty of mutual admiration and respect between the two men. Today, however, the former Governor of Virginia may be considering a run whether the senior senator runs or not.

The Washington Post is reporting that national Democrats are courting Warner for a possible run that could solidify the Democrats position in the Senate. Warner representatives have stated that there have been talks with Senator Charles Schumer (D-NY), the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee Chairman, but the camp emphasized that the talks are very preliminary at this time.

It represents an exiting possibility for Democrats who have made strides in Virginia in recent elections. There have been back to back Democrat Governor’s, and this past election saw relative unknown Democrat Jim Webb unseat the powerful Republican Senator, and Presidential hopeful, George Allen, himself a former Governor of Virginia.

If both Warner’s run it would be a rematch of a tight 1996 race that saw the Republican incumbent, John Warner, prevail by 5 percentage points. However, this is a seasoned Mark Warner that enters the fray this time around. John Warner, who just turned 80, is still weighing his options and reports have surfaced that state that the popular statesman and Republican, has told Republican Congressman Tom Davis III “to be prepared” in case he chooses to retire his seat.

The possibility of a competition between two very popular figures in Virginia politics energizes what could have been a ‘president-only’ fall political process. Virginia is unique in that there is an election of some kind every year, but few feature such heavy weights as represented by the Warner men.

Stephen Winslow is the executive editor of Conservative Viewpoints.


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