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Democrats: Polarizing a polarized nation

Posted by Stephen on March 12, 2007

During the midterm elections of 2006 Democrats promised a different approach to American politics. Many candidates spoke of ‘brining America together’ and calming the angry spirit they claimed was ripping Americans apart. Before becoming the first woman Speaker of the House in American history, Nancy Pelosi condemned the Republican Party for contributing, and in fact leading, the great social divide that she felt was plunging the country into a depressed funk.

Less than one year later it is the Democratic Party that is entrenched in polarizing behavior seemingly hung up on avenging more than a decade of futility as the Republican’s controlled both chambers of congress. Instead of embracing an opportunity to change the culture in Washington as they had promised, Pelosi and her liberal left colleagues have expressed an interest to turn up the heat on anyone or anything that is not of the Liberal bent.

The latest target is Fox News. Long considered by Democrats to be Satin in reporter and news anchor clothing, Fox News has learned that the Democratic Party will cancel a Nevada Democratic presidential debate because of what they claim was an offensive joke directed toward presidential hopeful, Senator Barack Obama (D-Il).

Fox Chairman and CEO Roger Ailes remarked during a speech “It’s true that Barack Obama is on the move,” Ailes said, deliberately confusing the Illinois senator’s name with that of terrorist leader Osama bin Laden. “I don’t know if it’s true President Bush called [Pakistan President Pervez] Musharraf and said, ‘Why can’t we catch this guy?”

The comment was as much a swipe at President Bush’s grasp on current events as it was a remark about the aspiring Democratic candidate from Illinois.  CNN reported that Democrat John Edwards, never shying away from an opportunistic moment, seized a chance to capitalize on negative attitudes among the base of the Democratic Party and stated that he would not participate in the debate. The Democratic Party followed suit citing Fox News bias against them., who is highly influential within Democratic circles, has been calling for the party to pull out of the debate as a part of’s boycott of the Fox network. Fox News Vice President David Rhodes responded to the debate cancellation with a written statement saying owns the Democratic Party.

On another note, Nancy Pelosi and her Democratic Party is turning up the heat on a bill that would force the withdrawal of troops in Iraq by August of 2008. There are those in her party that feel the proposal doesn’t run fast enough. Representative Maxine Waters (D-Ca) called the plan weak and to reliant on the President’s word.

The ultra liberal L.A. Times called the Democratic plan silly and foolish, stating “The President has said that if the bill reaches his desk he will veto it, as he should.”

Republican’s on Capital Hill are beginning to rally and solidify their position. House Minority Leader John Boehner, R-Ohio, criticized the Democratic leadership proposal.

“Unfortunately, the Democrats’ latest plan is an old twist on an old adage: Failure at any cost,” Boehner said. “Democrats are using the critical troop funding bill to micromanage the war on terror — undermining our generals on the ground and slowly choking off resources for our troops. By establishing and telegraphing to our enemy arbitrary timelines for withdrawal, Democrats are mandating failure.”

It is a blatant attempt to micro-manage the war, tie the hands of the Commander in Chief, and violate Constitutional guidelines of war-time activity. Congress has a proper check and balance to address military activity by way of funding troop activity. Instead of having the courage to abide by their constitutional authority, Democrats have chosen to attempt to circumvent the Constitution and continue to advocate a cut and run policy no matter how poor such judgment proves to be.

Stephen Winslow is the executive editor of Conservative Viewpoints.


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