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Black Caucus challenges racist act by Cherokee Nation

Posted by Stephen on March 15, 2007

On March 3rd the Cherokee Nation voted to revoke citizenship of some 2800 citizens of Cherokee decent because they have ‘Black Blood’ as well as Cherokee blood. These citizens, known as Freemen, are descendants of people once enslaved by Cherokee tribes.

In a rather gutless attempt to erase memory of their past as slave owners, the Cherokee Nation elicited doctrine, the Dawes Commission roll, which is more than 100 years old.

Now the Congressional Black Caucus is asking that the federal government investigate the legality of the vote by the CN.

Saying they were “shocked and outraged,” more than two dozen members of the Congressional Black Caucus signed a letter to the Interior Department’s Bureau of Indian Affairs questioning the “validity, legality, as well as the morality” of the March 3 vote.

“The black descendant Cherokees can trace their Native American heritage back in many cases for more than a century,” said Rep. Diane Watson (D-Calif.). “They are legally a part of the Cherokee Nation through history, precedent, blood and treaty obligations.”

It may be unlikely the federal government will move against the Cherokee Nation. However, it is important that the CBC place the issue before the American people.

Stephen Winslow is the executive editor of Conservative Viewpoints.


One Response to “Black Caucus challenges racist act by Cherokee Nation”

  1. Samantha Warner said

    The Cherokee Nation vote did not exclude those of any other race (Black, White, Etc.) that could prove Cherokee blood lineage. It only excluded anyone (Any Race) from claiming Cherokee Citizenship of those who could not prove Cherokee blood lineage. If a black or other race individual can prove blood lineage, the vote did not exempt them from Cherokee Tribal Citizenship. You all need to get your facts straight rather then running on the momentum of uneducated media comments. Of course the word “Racist” gets viewers and therefore the media by nature would exploit that. Congratulations on being a true media source exploiting that unfactual information.

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