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Sayre receives VCAP endorsement

Posted by Stephen on March 19, 2007

Republican Scott Sayre, running for the nomination for the 24th district Senate seat, received an important endorsement today from the Virginia Conservative Action Pac.

Citing concerns over Republican incumbent Emmitt Hangers positions on a host of economic issues, VPAC has been openly inquisitive in seeking an alternative for the Republican nomination to run against Libertarian Arin Sime. In Sayre the well organized political action group has found a fiscal conservative with an impressive business resume and a passion to run.

“VCAP enthusiastically announces our endorsement of Scott Sayre in his primary challenge to Senator Hanger. Scott Sayre brings a unique perspective to Virginia politics as a businessman and employer to over 100 employees in the Valley. He understands the importance of fiscal discipline and responsible spending, and has committed himself to pursuing these principles to make the 24th District and Commonwealth more prosperous,” stated Executive Director Robin DeJarnette.

Sayre, who has been traveling throughout the 24th district attempting to address as many constituents as possible, has created a consistent message grounded in free enterprise, property rights, fiscal discipline, and immigration reform, and family values.

“Scott Sayre is traveling the district with a copy of the Republican Creed, as a reminder to all that free enterprise, fiscal responsibility and budgetary restraints, and a free society are the core values of voters in the 24th,” said DeJarnette.

It is clear, however, that Sayre’s top priority is a focus on fiscal matters. Sayre has stated that his position will be to hold the line on taxes and identify and eliminate wasteful spending, while adding, “Valley families and businesses should keep more of their hard-earned dollars.”

“He is the well-rounded candidate the 24th District needs to hold the line on taxes while fighting vigorously for all issues affecting families and businesses,” stated VCAP Chairman Jerry Parker, “I hope the voters will rally around this man of integrity and character and vote for him on June 12.”

Sayre’s campaign is beginning to warm up, and with an endorsement from VPAC he will be able to capitalize on new found, important, momentum heading into what is shaping up to be a very interesting summer.

Stephen Winslow is the executive editor of Conservative Viewpoints.


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