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Giuliani: “We don’t like this war…”

Posted by Stephen on March 22, 2007

America’s mayor doesn’t like the term “war on terror.” Known for his tough stance on crime and national security, the Republican presidential hopeful says that America needs to be more conscious of its image around the world.

“America is seen as a country by too many that wants to have war, or exercises its power too much, pushes its weight around too much,” said the former Mayor of New York, Rudy Giuliani, adding, “America is just the opposite kind of country.”

Giuliani is setting the tone for his presidency. The Republican from N.Y. City sees America’s role in the world as one based on diplomacy and leadership through strength and conviction. Giuliani is in the midst of a campaign that may define the Republican Party, and this nation, for years to come.

He is a social moderate, supporting a woman’s right to choose and moderate gun control, a fiscal conservative who cut taxes and cleaned up a city in disarray, and a man who has a proven track record of being tough on crime and post 9/11 national security issues. He provides conservative voters a difficult challenge. Voters will have to decide if socially conservative issue will define the party as a one issue party, or is the base prepared to recognize a broader tent then they have acknowledged in recent elections.

Giuliani explained that the war in Iraq is difficult for all Americans. “We don’t like this war. You can see the tension it’s causing, you can see the frustrations it’s causing.” Adding that, “This is a terrorist war against us. We’ve got to keep reminding ourselves of the fact that they are in various parts of the world planning to come here and attack us or attack us overseas.”

Giuliani maintains that terrorists across the world are planning to come here and attack America on its own soil. He has also been seen as a strong leader by Republicans. He has received the endorsement of former Maryland Governor Bob Ehrlich.

“The bottom line, with respect to the politics, is I think America needs this type of leader,” Ehrlich said during a press conference with Giuliani in Chevy, Chase Maryland. “I think his resume speaks for itself, but I’m not talking about 9/11, post 9/11, obviously the war on terror is defining this country and defining policies at all levels of government, but I would ask Republicans and Democrats, Independents alike to look at the mayor’s record in New York City, look at what he did, not what he said but what he did, and that record speaks for itself.”

Giuliani continues to maintain a double digit lead over his nearest competitor, Senator John McCain (R-Az). While Republican’s may not completely comfortable with the Mayor’s position on all issues, they do respect his accomplishments and believe in his strength. In this time in American history, that might be just what the voters order.

Stephen Winslow is the executive editor of Conservative Viewpoints.


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