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Sayre continues fiscal conservative committment

Posted by Stephen on April 4, 2007

Scott Sayre, candidate for the Republican nomination for the 24th district Senate seat, continues to push the issues of tax increases and abundant spending habits of the leaders in Virginia.

Scott Sayre signed the Americans for Tax Reform’s “Taxpayer Protection Pledge,” a promise to the voters of the 24th Senate District of Virginia that he will oppose new taxes and work to ensure transparency and responsibility within the state budget stated a press release from the Sayre headquarters.

Sayre has made taxes and spending the center piece of his campaign against Republican incumbent Emmitt Hanger. Hanger, who supported the largest tax increase in Virginia’s history under Governor Mark Warner’s tenure, has refused to sign the pledge.
“This Pledge is just one more demonstration of my desire to hold the line on taxes, stop out-of-control spending, and, instead of constantly raising state taxes, to provide common-sense solutions to our real needs,” says Scott.

Sayre is working to impress upon voters his desire to bring a solution based management style to Richmond. His goal is to get voters to see beyond the simplistic solution of raising taxes each time revenue is needed. Cutting spending, finding innovative ways to overcome fiscal challenges, and empowering people are just some of the ideas that Sayre is promoting during his campaign. They are the same ideas that Sayre implemented in his own company, Sayre Enterprises.
“Taxes are a necessary part of funding for the core services we desire from our government, including public safety. Elected officials, however, owe it to their constituents to treat our money with respect, practice fiscal constraint and stand accountable for wasteful spending.  I can more than deliver the services and programs we need within the budget dollars we currently have.”

Sayre’s pledge to the voters in Virginia is one more step the Senator hopeful is taking to prove to voters he is a committed candidate and a true fiscal conservative.

Stephen Winslow is the executive editor of Conservative Viewpoints.


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