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Iraq surge provides positive early signs

Posted by Stephen on April 6, 2007

Defense Secretary Robert Gates sees “positive early signs” from surge activity in Iraq. The U.S. Military has begun to establish a more dominant presence in Baghdad and other hot spots in Iraq and may be turning the tide of insurgent violence.

Senator John McCain echoed those sentiments after a trip to the region. The ranking minority member of the Senate Armed Services Committee, said this week that there is “reason for cautious optimism” after he visited a Baghdad marketplace under heavy security.

McCain added that he never before has been able to walk the streets of Baghdad or drive from Baghdad International Airport along the notorious airport road, a formerly deadly stretch that was made more secure over the past two years, before the troop buildup. Sen. Lindsey O. Graham (R-S.C.), who joined McCain on the trip, echoed McCain’s “cautious optimism.”

While it is too early to tell whether the new strategy is going to have the end results the President is hoping for, it is appropriate to point out that the retreat flags waved by Democrats may be premature.

“I believe that if we were precipitously to withdraw from Baghdad at this point that there would be a dramatic increase in sectarian violence,” Gates said, pointing to killings by death squads and targeted efforts to affect the surge.

Democrats are hopeful that a withdrawal will be necessary so that their cut and run policy can be validated before the 2008 Presidential race. Others, however, see the need to support the efforts of U.S. troops who are working to provide an opportunity for Iraqis to secure a peaceful future in a region controlled by terror and oppression. Something Americans should be able to empathize with, at the very least.

Stephen Winslow is the executive editor of Conservative Viewpoints.


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