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Newt Gingrich speaks to Iraq and 2008

Posted by Stephen on April 18, 2007

Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich, never bashful in the presence of writers, spoke to Conservative Viewpoints recently at James Madison University on issues ranging from the war in Iraq to the Republican’s dilemma in 2008.

While debate rages on Capitol Hill over deadlines and funding, Gingrich calls for a moment of pause to consider the magnitude of the decision facing elected officials.

“The horrors we feel over the tragedy in Blacksburg should remind us of the horrors everyday in Iraq. Innocent people are killed virtually every day and sometimes in very deliberate and vicious ways,” said Gingrich.

His comments were reflective of a prevailing opinion that regardless of one’s feelings regarding the war, the well being of the troops should guide a leader’s action. Gingrich feels that a leader’s action on this issue sends a message to troops and enemies alike. The Speaker is concerned that infighting and political squabbles motivated by political agendas are harming troops in the field.

“I hope the President and the congress can find a compromise. I’m an Army brat. My dad served in the infantry in WWII, Korea and Vietnam. I know that having politicians in Washington get mired down in a wrestling match undermines the military and moral which makes it harder to do an already difficult and dangerous job,” shared Gingrich.

What is certain is that Gingrich has little patience for any measure that leaves American troops in harm’s way with anything less than maximum resources. Policy arguments, in Gingrich’s opinion, are for another day and another issue. In other words, the buck better not stop here.

“I hope they can find some compromise that allows them to get money to the troops. No matter what their arguments are on policy there shouldn’t be any argument over actually supporting the troops that are risking their lives for the United States,” explained Gingrich.

While acknowledging that the war in Iraq is a central issue in the 2008 campaign, Gingrich expressed grave concerns over the health of his Republican party and the looming battle they must face against the Democratic party.

“I think the fact that Senator Clinton has more net cash on hand then all the Republican candidates combined should tell every Republican that this is a time to be very sober and very serious,” stated Gingrich.

Gingrich’s statements infer that the low approval rating of the war and the President may have a serious impact on the chances for Republicans. If true then Republicans must be proactive, vocal, flexible, and passionate about what they want. Gingrich knows that this is not an easy task for his colleges but that the stakes are too high to avoid the challenges that lie ahead.

“We have a very grave risk of losing the White House and suffering greater loss in both the House and the Senate. Nobody should kid themselves. We are in a very difficult situation and it is going to take a tremendous amount of creative work to dig out of that hole and be in a position to potentially win next year, and I think anybody who is running really has their work cut out for them.”

While focusing on a grass roots movement, Presidential candidate, and former Speaker of the House, Newt Gingrich sets out to stand up for conservative ideals, ask for votes, inspire activism and continue to speak in a frank, honest tone that is a breath of fresh air in what can be a very stagnant political environment.

Stephen Winslow is the executive editor of Conservative Viewpoints.


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