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Gingrich sharing solutions and ‘shades of green’

Posted by Stephen on April 19, 2007

Newt Gingrich, the former Speaker of the House and candidate for the 2008 Republican Party nomination, is a man that enjoys finding and discussing solutions. It is apparent that this former leader of the House of Representatives sincerely enjoys the presence of others. He is a careful listener, a thoughtful conversationalist, and a person dedicated to finding solutions.

Whether one agrees with the Speakers comments or not may be secondary to the main issue that makes him a valuable presence in politics. His commentary challenges listeners to find a better way to address the nations needs. To be sure, this is not a man that takes his interaction with citizens lightly. Gingrich spoke with Conservative Viewpoints and the New Dominion offering thoughts on young people involved in politics, Solutions Day, the environment, and more.

Today, besides seeking the presidential nomination, he is pushing young people to step up and get engaged in the process of discovering those that can become solution based leaders.

“We’ve created an institution called American Solutions. The young people who are right now in college are faced with a future that could be potentially the most exciting the human race has ever had,” said Gingrich whose solutions are the basis for much of the work that Gingrich engages in.

“I’ve been talking about the impact of science and technology and all the things that are coming down the road that I think could lead us to a generation of solutions. We thought the best way to really make that dramatic was to take the anniversary of the Contract with America, which is September 27th, and hold a nationwide workshop on line so that anybody in the nation could participate, and then repeat it Saturday the 29th so literally anyone who wants to can learn,” shared Gingrich.

Much of the problem, Gingrich said, is getting these messages out. Whether the issue is education or liberation of energy dependence, active citizens, according to Gingrich, are the key to success.

“If you want to change government in America there are 511,000 elected local officials; school board, county commission, city council, sheriff’s office, state legislators. It’s not just the White House but it’s how do you move the whole system,” stated Gingrich.

Gingrich, always the optimist, sees an exciting future where the sky’s the limit and opportunities abound for a nation rich with resources.

“We think there are opportunities for really dramatic breakthroughs over the next ten years that will dramatically improve learning, dramatically improve health, dramatically improve the environment, dramatically liberate us from energy from the Middle East. I see it as a positive,” stated Gingrich.

Gingrich worked collaboritively with leaders on both sides of the isle while building congressional consensus to pass the Contract with America. While partisan politics is the order of the day, he still fights for a simple belief system based on doing what’s right.

“Let’s quite this red and blue stuff and talk about red, white and blue and have American solutions so we can all work together in a non-partisan way for the good of the country,” shared Gingrich.

Gingrich is the first formidable conservative candidate to take a pro environment position. He argues that Republicans and conservatives need to address governments role regarding environmental responsibility. The former Speaker recently acknowledged that human beings are responsible for at least some aspects of global warming. His solutions, however, never betray the free market.

“I think there can be a green conservatism which is more effective than a green liberalism. If you think of green liberalism as litigation and regulation and higher taxes and bigger government I think you can make a pretty good case that that’s not the right way to solve our problems,” explained Gingrich.

Adding that the free market is the center of his plans he stated that, “if we had incentives, if we had prizes for breakthrough technology, if we had an approach that aroused entrepreneurs rather than aroused trial lawyers, I think you could have a dramatically more exciting environment. You could end up with more biodiversity. In fact this fall I have a book coming out with Johns-Hopkins Press called Contract with the Earth which we think will be a very exiting positive view of how you could have a green conservatism,” said Gingrich.

Newt Gingrich may be running for President, but he definitely seeks solutions to difficult problems that are bi-partisan in nature and seen through a wide lens. He is engaging, intelligent, articulate, successful, and most of all, unafraid to share his feelings and thoughts. While other candidates fight for the scraps left from flip flopping positions, Gingrich stays true to his conservative roots.

Only time will tell if his positions translate into votes from an electorate desperate to back a true conservative.

Stephen Winslow is the executive editor of Conservative Viwpoints.


One Response to “Gingrich sharing solutions and ‘shades of green’”

  1. JWW said

    An exceptional article about the person, Newt Gingrich, and his ideas. Your writing skills are excellent. Recommend you send a copy to the Newt For President committee. They should hire you to develop their storyline for advertizing copy. Best I’ve seen. You could help his candidacy win the hearts and minds of Americans!

    On a more difficult issue, his comments about Iraq including the comparison of the recent University shootings with the horrors experienced daily by the Iraqi people is right on the mark. I don’t understand how the Democrats and anti-war groups can say we should walk away from the Iraq people and let them be slaughtered. Americans must have the compassion to help them through these difficult days. Otherwise these car bombings will happen at American malls in good ole USA.

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