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McCain in trouble; Giuliani hanging on; Here Comes Thompson

Posted by Stephen on April 21, 2007

The constituency behind the Republican Party has been less then pleased with the choices they have been presented, but all that could be changing.

Republican Arizona Senator John McCain is static at 21% for the 2008 Republican nomination for President of the United States. A full 47% said they ‘definitely would not’ vote for the Senator. Additionally, McCain has not been able to keep up with the fundraising prowess of presidential contenders like former Mayor of NY, Rudi Giuliani, Senator Hillary Clinton (D-NY) and Senator Barack Obama (D-Il).

Giuliani, on the other hand, has continued to raise funds from conservative groups despite controversial positions on social issues such as abortion. The former Mayor continues to lead McCain. The lead has been substantial at times leading people to speculate that the Republican base may have widened their tent to include more than just conservative social issues. The war in Iraq, terrorism, fiscal policies, immigration, and education continue to be high priorities for GOP supporters. The lead the NY Republican has enjoyed may be waning.

There may be a new player in the GOP race and he is preparing to make a huge splash with conservatives thirsty for a candidate that they can get behind for the long haul. Fred Thompson, former Republican Senator from Tennessee, is preparing to kick the door open to the Republican nomination for President of the United States.

In a recent gathering of 53 Republican members of the House and Senate, Thompson set the stage for what might be an explosive campaign.

“He was called presidential, and he was,” said Rep. Zach Wamp, R-Tenn., who arranged the meeting. “He was told that he is electable, and he is.”

“As he talked to us, he spoke as though he were a president, and it was very impressive to us,” said Rep. Steve Buyer of Indiana. “I think he will do an excellent job as president.”

“When he makes that announcement, he will have a groundswell of support unlike any other candidate we have seen in many, many years,” said Jeff Miller, R-Fla.

Thompson’s personal charisma may be his greatest asset. It also may be just what American voters are looking for. If people are searching for a candidate that will talk from his heart and shoot straight, Thompson might be just what the doctor ordered.

“We are looking for somebody who is going to go out there and say, ‘You look me in the eye and I’ll tell the truth,’” said Rep. Don Manzullo, R-Ill., “This is the time for Fred Thompson.”

While the pressure may be increasing for Thompson as he nears a decision, it is mounting on GOP front runners. Giuliani has not been able to maintain his early support, McCain hasn’t been able to court conservatives with any great success, and voters are weary of Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney who has flipped flopped on the abortion issue and who has supported a state funded medical plan that brings back memories of Hillary Clinton’s attempt to socialize medicine.

Thompson seems to present the perfect blend of star power, strength of conviction, and socially conservative and fiscally conservative principles that GOP voters are desperate to find. He brings supporters as close to evoking the memories of Ronald Reagan as any candidate has since the two time GOP President left the White House in 1988. However, the ball is in Thompson’s court and he is still feeling the process out, but an announcement may be coming soon.

“That man who came to see us…is preparing to run for president,” Wamp said, and it may be just in time for a conservative party thirsty for someone to provide leadership they can believe in.

Stephen Winslow is the executive editor of Conservative Viewpoints.


One Response to “McCain in trouble; Giuliani hanging on; Here Comes Thompson”

  1. Keith L said

    Thompson would move to the top of my current short list….Giuliani is currently the main choice from my perspective but a man like Thompson would leap frog to the front of the pack. He has the backbone to withstand the onslaught of expected liberal rhetoric and would follow the “actor in the White House” tradition previosly established by Reagan…Count me in…until another more proven conservative comes around! 🙂

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