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Could it be a McCain/Gingrich ticket?

Posted by Stephen on April 24, 2007

It’s early, but could certain Republican hopefuls be aligning themselves with others with early 08 in mind?

About two weeks ago, former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich praised Senator John McCain’s (R-Az.) position on the Iraq war calling it “a brave position to take,” and reminding people that “John knows the pains of war better than the rest of us. He knows what’s at stake.”

Then just recently Gingrich debates former Democratic Presidential nominee John Kerry on the environment. During the debate Gingrich calls for “green conservatism” and states that we the people must take responsibility for a pending environmental crisis.

McCain delivered a speech at the Center for Strategic and International studies in Washington in which he stated that “global warming and energy dependence is a serious and urgent challenge…and it directly threatens America’s national security,” adding “The world is already feeling the powerful effects of global warming, and far more dire consequences are predicted if we let the growing deluge of greenhouse gas emissions continue, and wreak havoc with God’s creation.”

The two men addressed the fiscal road blocks typically presented to conservatives when addressing environmental issues.

Gingrich stated that “the leftwing machine would have you believe that to care about clean air and water, biodiversity, and the future of the Earth you have to both buy in to their catastrophic scenarios and sign on to their command-and-control bureaucratic liberal agenda, including dramatic increases in government power and draconian policies that will devastate our economy, as the only solution to environmental challenges.”

Not to be outdone, McCain said he is not in favor of “grab bag of handouts to this or that industry,” but instead he supports “the genius and technological prowess of American industry and science,” and called for a wider use and development of energy-saving technologies including energy efficient light bulbs, fuel-efficient cars, and nuclear power.

“Government must set achievable goals, but the markets should be free to produce the means,” added McCain. “And those means are within our reach.”

It could be that the two men happen to agree on environmental policy. Then again, few things happen on accident in politics and when two conservatives start speaking out for the environment it’s time to seek the connection between the two men. In this case, it could be the presidency and vice presidency at stake. Of course, Fred Thompson may soon have something to say about this.

Stephen Winslow is the executive editor of Conservative Viewpoints.


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