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Reynolds, Dowdy, Smith to give $1 Million Dollars to Wayne on Monday

Posted by Stephen on April 28, 2007

The tax and spend voting block of Councilman Tom Reynolds and Councilwomen Nancy Dowdy and Lorie Smith are relentless in their pursuit of finding ways to give the Wayne Theatre Alliance the tax money they promised them before last year’s election. The reality of the matter is they have been attempting to pilfer funds from tax payers for the Wayne for three years, and now it seems they have a scheme they are prepared to move forward with.

Sources tell Conservative Viewpoints that during Monday night’s council meeting the voting block of Reynolds, Dowdy, and Smith will move to provide the Wayne with $300,000 from the 08 budget and then, continuing their flip flopping approach to leadership for Waynesboro, they intend on committing an additional $700,000 over ten years.

The citizens of Waynesboro were manipulated and misled by Tom Reynolds, Nancy Dowdy, and Lorie Smith leading up to last year’s election when they were told that the Wayne Theatre was a dead issue. The Reynolds, Dowdy, Smith threesome chastised and condemned Reo Hatfield, Tim Williams, and Frank Lucente for continuing to warn citizens about the Wayne. The Reynolds threesome charged Hatfield, Williams and Lucente with politicizing the issue.

Perhaps it would be more appropriate to charge Reynolds, Dowdy, and Smith with false advertising, voter fraud, mismanagement of tax payer priorities, or host of other titles that describe their irresponsible tax and spend, flip flopping actions.

The realization that these three leaders have no regard for the wishes of tax payers is frustrating. The fact that they have no fundamental understanding of the responsibility they possess as leaders when addressing money that is not theirs is sad. The notion that they do not see tax revenues as a precious commodity and a finite resource, that they do not understand the concept of scarcity, and that they have spent an entire year forcing the Wayne down the throats of tax payers while other issues go unresolved, forces citizens to question their competency as city officials.

Equally exasperating is the effort that Tom Reynolds made at the previous city council meeting to suggest that he wasn’t trying to fund a private enterprise with tax payer funds. However, in truth, that is exactly what he is advocating and he knows it. The WTA made it clear to citizens and council that they would require the transfer of ownership from the city to a private developer so that they could take advantage of grants from the state, which are in the form of tax dollars.

The agenda for Reynolds, Dowdy, Smith, and the WTA has been clear since they lost a vote for $3.5 million in funding in 05. The wheels were set in motion that led to the election of Lorie Smith, despite her participation in a poorly managed budget for Kate Collins Middle School. The scheme to milk tax payer funds for the Wayne was articulated, planned, and methodically carried out despite flip flopping and the appearance that these tax dollars were “found”. It might be important to remind council that tax revenue isn’t found…it’s taken.

Reynolds, Dowdy, and Smith would like to label those that see government funding of private enterprise as fundamentally wrong as trying to halt progress in the river city. However, that is just a continuation of manipulation on their part.

Nothing connected with funding of the Wayne gets this city any closer to a West End Fire Station, lighted ball fields, a workable solution for storm water runoff, or a mixed use development plan along the river that would change the future of Waynesboro for generations to come. Instead, what the citizens of Waynesboro have gotten for trusting Reynolds, Dowdy, and Smith has been a year of personal agendas, pet projects including the publishing of a book, and reckless management of our money.

If there could only be a recall or repeal of an election based on false pretenses put forth by Reynolds, Dowdy and Smith, but instead citizens are left with only regret.

Stephen Winslow is the executive editor of Conservative Viewpoints.


One Response to “Reynolds, Dowdy, Smith to give $1 Million Dollars to Wayne on Monday”

  1. Andy said

    If Mrs. Smith doesnt want to drag The WTA through the mud than she needs to quit breathing life into this “dead issue”.

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