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GOPers Debate: And the winner was…

Posted by Stephen on May 3, 2007

Fred Thompson.

Next in line might be Rep. Ron Paul. Paul, a strict constitutionalist, maintained the closest connection to the words that Ronald Reagan used to establish conservative values that led the nation for his eight years as president. His belief in limited government, limited taxation and regulation were inspirational to those that have struggled while witnessing an increasingly intrusive government and out of control spending in Washington.

The war in Iraq clearly dominated many of the questions. Two responses stood out.

“I would need the support of the American people. The young men and women are the best America has to offer. Members of our House of Representatives cheer when they vote for a bill that provides a date certain for withdrawal and surrender. What are they cheering for? Surrender?” said Senator John McCain in response to the opening question on the war in Iraq.

Ron Paul, from Texas, stated that “we should return to true conservative values of limited government and a policy that frowns on intervention. No empire building, and a return to the statement we made in 2000 that we are a humble nation.”

Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney was impressive under fire and looked Presidential. Romney established a solid grasp on the issues but is certainly going to be challenged by changes in positions on the issue of abortion.

There were calls for flat taxes by several candidates, and Rep. Duncan Hunter (Ca.) called for the elimination of taxes on manufacturers that keep their company and jobs in America. Former Governor Mike Huckabee also called for an end to corporate dominance and the exportation of jobs.

McCain, Paul, Romney, Gilmore, Giuliani and Tommy Thompson all stated that the Terri Schievo case should have been a state issue and an issue decided in the courts.

Tommy Thompson wants 18 states in Iraq that create a ‘state’ government much like states here. He called for oil revenue sharing that would provide 30% to the states, 30% to the federal government, and 30% to the Iraqi people. There was no mention of the final 10%.

In the end McCain, and Romney stood out as strong leaders that showed conviction and passion in their responses. Giuliani struggled with questions dealing with social issues, especially abortion. Of the lower tear candidates Huckabee and Paul were entertaining, provocative, and provided answers that made the audience think.

However, the winner was Fred Thompson. None of the candidates took charge or separated themselves from the other competitors. For that, Thompson is sure to be pleased. There are advantages to sitting back and allowing others define themselves while one prepares to enter the fray.

It’s May. Need anything else be said about this debate?

Stephen Winslow is the executive editor of Conservative Viewpoints.


One Response to “GOPers Debate: And the winner was…”

  1. jww said

    Good summary. For us, Mitt Romney stood out above rest and is very electable, attractive to Independents, even moderate Dems. Giuliani did great things for NY City and remains a strong candidate. Don’t know why the abortion issue is so bloody importatnt. Seems like it’s a personal issue, at most should be handled by the states or families similar to Schiavo case. Gilmore was third on our list, truly conservative although not much flare. Liked his responses. Unfortunately McCain who is likable these days, seems too old for the job. His hair is whiter than mine. I don’t see Fred Thompson galloping in to save the day. He hates campaigning and isn’t driven to become President, either for the title (Clinton) or to get certain things done (Bush). Don’t think he could survive the gut-wrenching long haul campaign nor stand up to Romney under fire. Understand there will be at least two more debates in next few months. Suggest they leave Ron Paul in Texas and the rest of the 2nd, 3rd and 4th tier candidates at home. Gingrich is smart as a whip but little attraction for the Republican base or Independents. Burned too many bridges. Sen Hagel who has fought everything foreign and domestic that Bush has tried, should be labeled a Democrat and run out of town on a rail!

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