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Texas city makes immigration statement

Posted by Stephen on May 14, 2007

Members of the City Council in Farmers Branch, Texas, have taken immigration law into their own hands. Frustrated with a lack of response to immigration concerns by the federal government, this Dallas suburb voted on an ordinance making it illegal to rent to most illegal immigrants. It passed with overwhelming success.

Receiving 68% of the vote the measure requires apartment managers to verify that renters are U.S. citizens or legal immigrants before leasing to them. Council members say the voice of voters sends a message to those in Washington.

There are some 90 other cities considering similar measures across the country.

Council members in Farmers Branch approved the ordinance in November, than revised it in January to include exemptions for minors, seniors and some families with a mix of legal residents and illegal immigrants, which takes some teeth out of the law.

Opponents of the measure expressed anger and disappointment in the action taken up by the city. After being presented with numerous petitions calling for an end to the proposed immigration crackdown, the council decided to put the measure on a ballot. Much to the chagrin of critics, the measure seems to have tremendous community support.

Opponents are not willing to accept the community’s desire in the matter and have vowed to fight the ordinance in court and are said to be seeking a restraining order to prevent the city from enforcing the new law.

However supporters are undeterred. Undocumented residents are an increasing drain on services throughout the city of Farmers Branch and the nation. The tax payers and legal residents of Farmers Branch used their democratic right to send a clear and concise message to government officials, sanctuary cities, employers, renters, and those that continue to cross the borders without proper documentation.

“It says especially to Congress that we’re tired of the out-of-control illegal immigration problem. That if Congress doesn’t do something about it, cities will,” said Tim O’Hare, a City Council member who was the ordinance’s lead proponent.

Stephen Winslow is the executive editor of Conservative Viewpoints.


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