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Are Liberals desperate for support for the Wayne Theatre

Posted by Stephen on May 15, 2007

Supporters of the Wayne have gone to great extents to force citizens in Waynesboro to accept what is a done deal, which is to fund the Wayne Theatre with tax payer dollars. After getting little traction through conversation, some in the community are resorting to good ole name calling.

The latest ploy is for liberals in Waynesboro to claim they are in support of economic development while conservatives are supporting welfare programs. It is the mother of all spins. Unfortunately, lost in the conversation is that it’s not a liberal or conservative issue.

None the less, the suggestion by the name callers is that the Wayne will represent an economic boom for downtown while conservatives that support education are supporting welfare and entitlements. Yes, it is a strange attempt to label conservatives that are attempting to call for rational and reasonable government spending on priorities before luxuries like a theatre.

What is lost in the name calling is that conservatives run on economic development because they believe progress is founded on the ability for the private sector to find and implement solutions to challenges that face a community. In Waynesboro economic development that liberals are now attacking is the reason progress doesn’t rest solely on the backs of tax payers. Then again, these are people that can’t seem to appreciate the idea that revenue can be raised by government in other ways besides taxes and borrowing money.

This is the same small but vocal liberal faction that suggests that receiving 1.4 million dollars in tax revenue from the town center is the same as giving 300 thousand dollars in tax revenue to the Wayne. Of course, these naysayers don’t want to acknowledge economic reality preferring to live in la-la land where pork is the main dish served by special interest groups that work hard to manipulate voters into believing their emotional argument no matter how detached from reality it is.

Now WTA supporters are actually trying to get tax payers to accept the notion that spending money on the programs that they have championed for decades like the social-services department or the local health department or other welfare agencies are things that conservatives are defending while the liberal movement is here to save the economic climate of Waynesboro by supporting a theatre. It is laughable, but they are trying just the same.

WTA supporters and the liberal faction surrounding the project know how to do one thing very well; spend tax payer dollars. Unfortunately, they cannot grasp the other side of the ledger. As a result they will do everything they can to promise you that they can pay for anything and everything, because if they can’t raise taxes high enough surely they can borrow all the money the city can dream of spending.

Unfortunately these naysayers stifle true progress and prevent the city from addressing the real needs of Waynesboro which include a fire station, police resources, clean water that doesn’t trickle out of the faucet, a storm water plan that actually works, and schools all because they have decided that a theatre is the be all and end all of your needs.

Stephen Winslow is the executive editor of Conservative Viewpoints.


One Response to “Are Liberals desperate for support for the Wayne Theatre”

  1. Barbara said

    The very liberals that are crying for economic development, are banking that a renovated Wayne Theater will magically breath new life into the downtown and prop up their failing businesses.

    Liberals want the government to take a risk that they are not willing to make.

    The very fact that the W.T.A. has spent nearly every waking moment seeking funds from the govenment, proves they don’t truly believe their idea will work.

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