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Aunt Libby speaks out…

Posted by Stephen on May 16, 2007

I believe it is time to look at some issues.  First, I believe that you can be a non-republican and still be a great American, but I find it very hard to swallow the stuff put out by our Liberal media. So, here we go:

It isn’t as though they feel this way or that way that bothers me. It is seen in their writings, and it is a direct attempt to sway the news to the left, and that is what bothers me.  What bothers me more is that we continue to let them get away with it. We don’t stop them and they continue to print the news in a completely biased way. You’re probably saying I’m biased by saying this, but I’m not. I have no agenda but to stop this attack by the media. 

I cannot understand why they feel this way, and why they desire to attack our President. I don’t think he’s perfect but for gosh sakes we did have Bill Clinton and I still respected him for being a President. Closer to home, the local media does the same.

When there were three conservatives on Council the local paper was biased against them. Sure they came back and said they were wrong later but that was long after the election. Now there are three liberals voting together on every vote taken, and little to nothing is written about it.

During the past election candidate Lorie Smith told us over and over again that the middle school was in budget. Yet, when the truth came out they were over a million dollars out of budget. The paper treated it like they overspent by 50 cents. Even our City Management and City Council ignored it. Now I find that the man in charge of schools then and the City Council Woman in charge then both had to know it was out of budget. Then, with pressure mounting, they tried to cut corners to make the overrun as small as possible. No matter what they told us, they still couldn’t get it below a million dollars.

Just how far were they out of budget? I heard it is even worse now than before. How is that? What does that mean? Are there more out of budget items coming up?

That City Council woman better be ready to explain why. What does it mean that they hired Lowell Lemons again for 35 days? Is it true he will actually make around $500.00 a day? Why? Is he that smart or is there some other reason for his short return? Your Aunt Libby will find out the entire truth and I’ll let you know.

But, why don’t you get off your back side and ask questions, or are you going to set there like we have been doing, and let them do anything they want? Did you know it costs nearly $10,000.00 per student to go to school in Waynesboro per year every year? You do the math. Come on, my husband, God rest his soul, could add and understand that, and he didn’t go to College.

Stand up and start doing something. Oh, that’s right you’ll be busy going to the new play house that you don’t want, but you will build, operate, and eventually own again anyway, because you set there and do nothing. Let these people that you hired with your vote know how you feel. If you don’t we all will suffer the consequences. Just remember, if they don’t listen today, there’s always next year.

Aunt Libby’s column can be found here regularly. Her opinions do not necessarily reflect those of management of Conservative Viewpoints.


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