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Aunt Libby on the Wayne, city needs and conflicts of interest in Waynesboro

Posted by Stephen on May 21, 2007

I was shocked to read the editorial on the opinion page of the Staunton Paper titled “A theater is not a priority”. Gosh, even they understand the need for improving the real problems with Waynesboro issues prior to a Wayne Theatre.

I was at the recent meeting of Council when the gentleman asked our City Attorney if the WTA was a real 501 3C. The City did not know the answer, yet they want to give them a million dollars. Come on, would you give your money not knowing all the details? City council did just that. Oh, that’s right council is covering it up under the E.D.A. so they can say the EDA did it and not them. You all on the E.D.A. might as well get out your rubber stamp and ink it up because they don’t think much of your abilities.

By the way, for you all that barely get the facts, the Theater is not a movie theater.  It is a player’s type theater. They brag now that they raised money, but they really got it from one lady who passed (God rest her soul).  
Chief Scott is never happy is he? The water pressure is too low, they need a west end fire department, and it doesn’t really matter that they can’t even man the facility they have now. We do want the best Police and Fire Departments, and we should spend our money on the fighters and the Officers, but not brick and mortar alone.
How about that C.I.P.? From a 17 million dollar wish list to a 28 million dollar cash cow. Now, the fact is that they can’t do it, but if they could they would. Such a jump is amazing. They are exceeding the growth of the new economy that they had nothing to do with. You have to wonder how the schools got out of budget and now the City is growing in debt like never before. 
The city is probably going to have to build another building now. Why, you may ask? Well, they didn’t have room for two people at City hall and now they are hiring 9 more. Where can you put that many new people? What about in the offices that only have coffee pots in them?  
Let me make a suggestion. While I was taking my late husband to UVA I noticed they had painted lines on the streets as bike paths and sidewalks. We could do the same on Lew Dewitt and other roads and save a little money and we would only have to pay the labor and paint costs.  Lew Dewitt would be a perfect starting point.
I found out that Bill Hausrath was the campaign leader for Lorie Smith. Lorie Smith said WTA wasn’t an issue but now it is. A gentleman said that was a conflict of interest. Or would a conflict be that Nancy Dowdy owns property near the WTA or that Bill Hausrath owns the only parking lot across the street, or that Bill was the City Managers real-estate agent? Gosh, maybe not.

Aunt Libby’s column can be found here regularly. Her opinions do not necessarily reflect those of Conservative Viewpoints.


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