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Sayre continues to pile up endorsements; sticks to message

Posted by Stephen on June 2, 2007

 After impressive showings in debates in Green County and at Blue Ridge Community College, Scott Sayre continues to add endorsements to a growing list of supporters in his run against Sen. Emmitt Hanger for the Republican nomination in the 24 district state senate race.

Albemarle County Sheriff Ed Robb, and former House of Delegate member and former Chairman of the Albemarle County Board of Supervisors Peter Way, are going on record to support Scott Sayre’s campaign for State Senate. Thursday evening Robb endorsed Sayre at the Crozet Elementary School.

Robb and Way’s support can be added to a growing list of supporters that include most of the Republican Unit Chairmen and committees who will weigh in before the Primary. The endorsements include Rockingham, Highland, Augusta, Staunton, Waynesboro, Albemarle, and Greene County.

County and city GOP committees normally stay neutral during primaries-especially when a Republican incumbent is challenged but there has been tremendous unrest surrounding some of Hanger’s positions on issues of the day.

Sayre supporters have consistently stated that Hanger’s support for the largest tax increase in Virginia’s history, support for instate tuition for illegal immigrants, and the incumbents refusal to discuss cutting spending, as they see it, are unacceptable to them.

Sayre, for his part, has continued to share a consistent message based on a business philosophy that he insists he will bring to Richmond. Sayre likes the innovative nature of business. Sayre believes that he can bring that same solution based thinking to Richmond. It revolves around in-depth planning because, “without planning you jump into things and inevitably make mistakes,” says the Buena Vista business man.

Sayre believes that what is needed to confront the challenges Virginia faces is a strong strategic plan that is built on a principled foundation. Fiscally, Sayre is clearly conservative. He consistently addresses concerns over increased spending that has become a staple of Richmond politics and decision making in recent years.

“What we need to remind our friends in Richmond is that raising taxes isn’t the answer, and shouldn’t be the first response to a fiscal challenge,” states Sayre.

He reemphasizes a business approach to government no matter the size or scope of the problem. That approach, in Sayre’s estimation, continually challenges leaders to create a responsible plan based on solid budgeting and long term solutions that require consensus building and collaboration.

When discussing funding transportation, Sayre suggests reforms in tax and spend policies is the beginning of a discussion that demands disciplined solutions. Sayre explains that while there has been discussion of tax reform for more than twelve years, “Where is the tax reform? You’ve talked about being tax neutral and yet we have seen tax increase after tax increase. I’ll just say, very politely, let’s expose these things. If our government spending has doubled in the last ten years, while our population has only increased 12 percent, are you getting twice as good a government as you did ten years ago? Are your roads twice as safe? Are your cities twice as safe? This is what I want to address.”

With just ten days until the June 12th primary, Sayre knows that the final push is on to get his message into the public conscience. While relentlessly traveling throughout the 24th district and speaking to friends, neighbors, and citizens in the valley, Sayre is pleased to know that leaders in the 24th are supporting his message.

“This strong support in Albemarle, including County Chairman Keith Drake and former Delegate Peter Way is a sign that our campaign momentum continues to grow,” Sayre said.  “I am looking forward to big margins in Albemarle on June 12th and again in November.”

Stephen Winslow is the executive editor of Conservative Viewpoints.


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