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Sime for State Senate campaign comments on the revision of state revenue projections

Posted by Stephen on June 5, 2007

Arin Sime, Libertarian State Senate candidate for the 24th District, believes the state budget process is misleading, and a recent news article illustrates his point.

“The General Assembly, Governor Kaine, and the bureaucrats in Richmond are starting to talk again about budget problems and a fiscal crisis in Richmond, yet the real problem is that they are trying to spend too much,” commented Mr. Sime.

A May 12th article in the Richmond Times-Dispatch (“State officials concerned as revenue falls below forecasts”) notes that “with just two months left in the fiscal year, the state is struggling to meet the revenue forecast to pay all its bills in the two-year $74 billion budget.” The article states that tax collections have increased only 3.6 percent this year, instead of the projected growth of 6.5 percent.

“Frankly, as a taxpayer, I find much of the language used by politicians and bureaucrats about government ‘revenues’ to be insulting,” noted Mr. Sime. In the article, Secretary of Finance Jody M. Wagner laments that “individual income tax refunds have exceeded expectations, further dampening growth.”

Mr. Sime reacted by noting, “In normal language, what they are telling us is that it’s too bad we taxpayers are keeping more of our money, because Richmond already had plans to spend it! This attitude about government ‘revenues’ is why I support a Taxpayer Bill of Rights for Virginia taxpayers.”

A Taxpayer Bill of Rights (which would require amending Virginia’s Constitution) would limit state spending increases to the rate of population growth plus inflation. Any excess tax revenue above that amount would be returned to the taxpayers unless a public referendum allowed the Commonwealth to use the excess revenue for a specific purpose. Such a system would help reduce the expectations for growth in the state budget, and make the two-year budgets less susceptible to overly optimistic predictions of economic growth or increased tax collections.

Arin Sime resides in Crozet with his wife and two children and is a small business owner. He will be on the ballot as a Libertarian in the November 2007 election. More information about Arin Sime’s senate campaign can be found at and on his campaign blog at Arin Sime is the Libertarian nominee for the 24th district Senate seat. Paid for and Authorized by Friends of Arin Sime.

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