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What we all in Waynesboro need to know

Posted by Stephen on June 16, 2007

Cut taxes, cut entitlements and you will raise revenue.

The naysayers in Waynesboro that believe the only way to raise money is to raise taxes or borrow money never want you to read that statement and they will do everything they can to convince you it’s wrong.

Unfortunately for these naysayers that attempt to convince you that they need more money from you for luxuries like stage theaters in order to raise money through spin off businesses, the fact is states and localities that cut taxes raise revenues. It is a lesson that naysayers and tax and spend theorists will never accept and they will fight to the death to preserve their short sided belief system even if that means attacking people on a personal basis. The ad hominem argument is, after all, the age old tactic when you are bankrupt of ideas.

There are forty two states that are preparing for a surplus in 2007. Texas provided its homeowners with the largest property tax cut in its history, 14.2 billion dollars, and they are expected to see a 19% increase in revenue for the state.

The NY Times, no friend to the fiscal conservative, reported that “budget surpluses have largely stemmed from higher than expected tax collections — corporate tax revenues alone were 11 percent higher than budget estimates — and booming local economies. There has also been some relief in Medicaid spending, which fell from an 11 percent annual growth rate to something closer to 7 percent in the past few years.”

Despite the call for higher taxes by those that can’t reach for broader ideas, the fact is tax revenues increase when tax payers keep more of their hard earned money so that they can spend it as they see fit. No place is that mentality more important than in a city like Waynesboro where the median income hovers at 22 thousand dollars a year.

Tax payers that struggle to keep their heads above water need to trust that their city government recognizes their struggle. When they do, and when government allows people to hold on to the money they earn, these tax payers repay the governments proactive commitment by spending their money on their needs and driving the economy to greater heights.

It’s simple really; less government spending and less government pilfering of your assets equals more revenue for that same government to spend on the needs of the community. If elected officials don’t get it, then they don’t deserve to be in a position to take more just so they can provide less.

Stephen Winslow is the executive editor of Conservative Viewpoints.


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