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Writer calls out Republican leaders on decisions during 24th Primary

Posted by Stephen on June 16, 2007

Democrats in Virginia should be thanking Republicans Ben Cline and Chris Saxman for choosing not to endorse Scott Sayre for the (State) Senate in the recent Republican Party.

Sayre lost to Emmett Hanger for 500 or so votes. Cline and Saxman could have been the difference between a real Republican running for the State Senate (Sayre) versus a closet Democrat (Hanger).

If Cline and Saxman had a spine and endorsed the real Republican in the primary, then a real Republican would be running for the (State) Senate. Because they chose not to make a stand for the values of the Republican Party, they’ve helped Emmett Hanger, a tax-hiking, free-spending Republican incumbent, continue his liberal votes in the Senate.

At least Steve Landes stood up and made a choice and endorsed Hanger. It was the wrong choice for real Republicans, but at least he made a choice.

Need examples of Hanger’s Democrat ways?

In 2004, Emmett Hanger voted for the largest tax increase in the history of Virginia at a time when Virginia had a $300 million surplus. Emmett Hanger voted for loopholes that give illegal immigrants state tuition benefits to our state colleges. Emmett Hanger voted to increase the gas tax in Virginia. Emmett Hanger voted to increase the grantor’s tax. Emmett Hanger voted against a separate and permanent transportation trust fund lock box.

Is this a Republican?

Democrats can breathe easy knowing that even if Emmett Hanger beats their candidate for the (State) Senate, it’s no loss because Emmett Hanger votes like a Democrat.

Shame on Ben Cline and Chris Saxman for not standing up for Republican values. Shame on Ben Cline and Chris Saxman for remaining silent when they should have made the difficult choices that leaders need to make. What makes this more mystifying is that Ben Cline and Chris Saxman have solid voting records. I guess they can hide behind their votes and play politics all they want, but real Republican can see them for what they really are: slick political players interested in the status quo.

It’s time that Republicans think about what they want in their representatives.

Republicans need tough leaders willing to push a conservative agenda for the people of Virginia.

Todd A. Smith

Todd Smith resides in Fishersville, Virginia

Opinions expressed by OpEd writers do not necessarily reflect those of management of Conservative Viewpoints.


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