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Waynesboro leaders have an opportunity to do what is right

Posted by Stephen on June 26, 2007

“Waynesboro city is not against us…they are just going by the book. I don’t blame them for that. I know they support us because they’ve helped fund us,” shared Stacy Long, executive director of New Directions. Now the question is will Waynesboro City Council take the steps necessary to support women and children in need?

New Directions is a Staunton based organization that wishes to operate a shelter for abused women in Waynesboro. There is only one problem; the city won’t allow them to obtain a special use permit to open the shelter.

Since January Long and New Directions have attempted to work with city staff to work out a solution for the non-profit organization, but to no avail. The ordinances on the books do not allow a shelter of this size to open in the city.

New Directions served nearly 5,000 women and children in our area in a variety of ways. Many were able to stay in the shelter, but others used a number of other services. New Directions offers counseling services, support for rape victims, temporary shelter and many other services that a large number of women cannot find on their own.

Waynesboro needs to embrace what New Directions represents. The home they wish to use has been donated by Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Reid. Mr. Reid, who also works with Habitat for Humanity, is one of Waynesboro’s finest citizens and a supporter of those in need. This is who we are, and like many communities, there are those moving in the shadows, perhaps not noticed by the naked eye of those so busy living life, that find the strength to overcome their darkest moments because organizations like New Directions exists.

It is time for Waynesboro’s elected law makers to rise to the occasion. Who will introduce an amendment to the current ordinance to make room for a new neighbor; one that we can proudly support? We can only hope that all five current members of council will support the necessary changes that will allow New Directions to serve Waynesboro.

Stephen Winslow is the executive director of Conservative Viewpoints.


One Response to “Waynesboro leaders have an opportunity to do what is right”

  1. Andy said

    It is very noble of Waynesboro to give money to a worthwhile organization. However, I am sure this is a simple case of “We think the shelter is a great idea, as long as its not in our neighborhood”.

    If you can pander to the wants of a select few in this city, you should certainly be able to make room for a Need.
    This is decision is simple, so do what is right.

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