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Dowdy and Smith continue to call for irresponsbile government in Waynesboro

Posted by Stephen on July 19, 2007

They just don’t get it. Nancy Dowdy and Lorie Smith, bankrupt of ideas on how to do anything that doesn’t call for raising taxes or borrowing money, just don’t understand what responsible government means.

The two outspoken tax and spend members of city council continue to wave their fingers at those that support a reasonable approach to the needs and desires of our city while accusing them of being against projects on the CIP.

The sad reality is that their votes for borrowing money exist as a result of their inability to comprehend a systematic approach to government that requires an acknowledgement and understanding of priorities, government’s role in addressing needs, and the finite resource called tax payer funds.

Dowdy and Smith have yet to discover a tax they didn’t like, a luxury they wouldn’t pay for, a debt they cared about creating, or a plan they understood. This majority is as reckless, irresponsible and incompetent as anyone will find serving elected office.

Recently Dowdy, the most radical liberal among the majority, asked, “How, now, are they going to back out of these projects or delay them further?” Sadly, she has never proposed any plan during her terms on council that didn’t include an increase in taxes and reckless spending measures that threaten the economic growth of our city.

An important point to keep in mind, which Mayor Tom Reynolds, Dowdy, and Smith never entertain in conversation, is that this majority hopes to ignore the fact that the median income in Waynesboro is approximately $22,000 dollars a year.

Perhaps these three successful people don’t wish to concern themselves with those that struggle to make ends meat, but some of us feel it is a responsibility of government to look beyond the special interest groups that support projects like the Wayne Theatre while ignoring needs like water, sewer, and family venues like our parks and tennis courts.

Smith, who has proven to be sadly under qualified for elected office, continues to chase her own tail. On the one hand she calls for improvements in the form of projects that address opportunities for children and families, and on the other she continues to shove the Wayne Theatre down the throats of citizens in order to pacify those that put her in office such as Waynesboro developer Bill Hausrath.

It is a complex mess of inbred politics where everyone knows someone that owns something that will get you elected as long as you leave citizens out in the cold for as long as it takes to fulfill the agendas of the select few.

Fortunately for Waynesboro citizens, opportunity has presented itself for a reasonable fiscal approach to prevail. While the majority on council wishes to pursue reckless tax and spend policies on projects with little or no understanding of priorities, the fiscal conservatives have a chance to separate our needs from special interest and pet projects. While the majority forces tax payer funds in the direction of theatres and the publishing of books, Tim Williams and Frank Lucente provide a moment of pause to collectively ask what is more important; water on tree streets or theatres downtown? What should we borrow money for and what should we use surplus funds for?

If the majority on council can’t comprehend this conversation, maybe they will begin to understand when the democratic process is put into place. Two votes for the other guy and one vote for them might clear up any lack of understanding they seem to possess.

Stephen Winslow is the executive editor of Conservative Viewpoints.


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