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It’s not Vick’s fault, after all…he’s black

Posted by Stephen on August 22, 2007

Writers into the Atlanta Journal Constitution have been attacking anyone and everyone that has claimed that Atlanta quarterback Michael Vick is a felon that should pay a legal price for his acts. Those that feel that Vick should face legal repercussions are apparently terrible people that, and this is the real kicker, are racist.

That’s right. If you feel Vick should serve time for committing a felony you are a black hating supporter of a system clearly created to keep a black man down.

Apparently it’s a white man’s fault that Vick is agreeing to plead guilty to felony charges. It’s a white man’s fault that Vick may have electrocuted, shot, beat, maimed, and generally killed dogs for sport. It’s a white man’s fault that Vick chose to participate in illegal gambling across state lines. It’s a white man’s fault that Vick surrounds himself with thugs and rents his home to criminals. It’s a white man’s fault he makes poor choices that lead to felonies. It’s a white man’s fault that he gets stopped at airports. It’s a white man’s fault that he flips off fans that pay money to buy the tickets to see him play which pays for his overpriced salary.

Overall, according to a very vocal Vick fan club, the white man is just out to get poor ole Mike Vick.

Ok, so be it. Let’s lay it out then. Vick has been held hostage by the white power structure that has put him where he is today, and in fairness to those shameful white people let’s continue to point out all the terrible things that have happened to him at the hands of white people.

It’s a white man’s fault that Vick landed at Virginia Tech. After all, since he clearly had nothing to do with the trouble he finds himself in today, than he couldn’t have had anything to do with getting into college either.

It’s a white man’s fault that he played college football. It’s a white man’s fault he was drafted into the NFL. It’s a white man’s fault he is paid millions of dollars to play a game for a living. It’s a white man’s fault he receives money to endorse products that I’m sure are only sold to white people.

How terrible it is for Vick to be at the mercy of this racist and condemning society that we live in. How dare we even consider holding Vick responsible for felonious acts he admits committing?

ESPN’s Michael Smith, a highly respected writer and analyst, said that if it were just some “Joe six pack” from next door it wouldn’t rise to the level that it is now and the perpetrator wouldn’t be facing the sentence that Vick is facing for the same crime.

He’s right. If it were our next door neighbor facing these charges there wouldn’t be any fanfare, no cameras, and little more than an article in a local paper. Then again, our neighbor couldn’t afford half a dozen high priced lawyers, flown in from around the country, to defend him. Our neighbor wouldn’t be facing Vick’s sentence, but in fact, he would be facing a much stiffer penalty with little in the way of recourse to overcome the judge’s sentence.

Enough about what some white guy named Joe would be facing; this is all about poor Michael Vick.

Former boxer Roy Jones Jr., an active participant in Cock Fighting, came to Vick’s defense and said the world shouldn’t judge Vick. NBA player Stephan Mulberry came to Vick’s aid saying he doesn’t see what the big deal is explaining that dog fighting is just another sport that should be compared to deer hunting-a sport clearly dominated by white people.

I don’t know what type of deer hunting Mulberry is familiar with, but none that I have participated in included electrocution or beating a deer to death. I’m not sure, but I also have not heard that the dead dogs found on Vick’s property are being used to feed the homeless, or for that matter, the dog owners themselves.

The entire use of the race card sickens me. Vick is a man that is pleading guilty to a felony. He will spend time in a prison for committing that felony. If you don’t like it, to bad.

The reckless use of the race card in a case like this does much more harm than good. This case will hurt those that truely find themselves facing racist acts. The Vick supporters now make it easier for today’s racist to get away their continued crimes against humanity.

Vick is a role model. Thousands of kids look up to him, watch him, wear his jersey, and spend time in their back yards trying to emulate him. If Vick doesn’t understand that he has a responsibility to recognize his impact on the world around him, than he doesn’t deserve the privilege of working in that world in the first place.

Vick is a felon and I can’t wait until he begins serving his sentence right where felons belong-in a prison. Then again, what do I know? I’m just another white guy and apparently my existence means I must be trying to hold a black man down.

Poor, poor Mike Vick…

Stephen Winslow is the executive editor of Conservative Viewpoints.


One Response to “It’s not Vick’s fault, after all…he’s black”

  1. jww said

    Fighting is as old as civilization. Tribal youths must fight a lion to show manhood in Africa. Men and women now fight daily on TV in often very bloody events. Cock and dog fighting are popular throughtout the world. Cocks that don’t perform are quickly fried chicken. Dogs are a different story. Dogs are the only animal put on earth strickly for mankind. They unselfishly offer their love and affection and will fight for their masters and their homestead. Therein lies the dilemma for the fighting dog owner. Dog breeds such as pit bulls who are especially designed for fighting with double jaws once trained for fighting cannot be retrained for human companionship. They must be put down. If Vick had simply taken the dog(s) to a local vet and explained they had become too vicious to fit into a household as a companion, the vet would have put the dogs to sleep without hesitation. Thousands of dogs are euthanized each day throughout the world. Vick did not use his brain in this situation or he must have an unusual mean streak to kill a dog. Most of us simply couldn’t do it unless we were attacked or the dog was in serious pain. Under our laws dog fighting is appropriately outlawed and Vick must pay a price, perhaps jail time, but I don’t believe he should be permanently banned from football. That seems to be overkill and doesn’t represent America’s hetitage of giving people a second chance. Vick should be given an opportunity to regain America’s trust. As you state, racial issues are often raised by the black community. They insist their African black heritage must be preserved and accuse whites as often disrepectful of this issue. Even the presidential candidate Obama is accused by the black community of not being black enough! Ridiculous! Whites are not much better. As a white male, I still believe O.J. was innocent. Most white Americans, however, believe the jury’s verdict was wrong, mainly because the star black athelete “betrayed our trust”. Time to drop that distrust issue. American Indians, asian and hispanic migrants to this country have all inter-married with whites and with blacks. However, blacks and whites have never accepted inter-marriage of the two races. Even today, when we see a black boy or girl with a white boy or girl we take a second look. It’s common in Europe but not in American white or black communities. Only when we see full integration within our communities and inter-marriage between the black and white races will this issue disappear. In the meantime, let’s not tie our racial issues around Vick’s neck. Time to give him a chance to show us what he’s really made of and regain our trust.

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