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Hillary Clinton: Liar in chief?

Posted by Stephen on October 27, 2007

How much more does the American public have to see? How many more times do we have to hear the Clinton’s manipulation of the American people associated with comments such as “it depends on what the definition of ‘is’ is…”?

Hillary and Bill may be two of the most notorious leaders in American political history. From their first days in the White House the Clinton’s have been surrounded and immersed in lies and scandals, and yet they have convinced people they are the victims.

This manipulation continues today. Fox News is reporting that a new documentary has been released that outlines what Douglas Cogan, a businessman-turned-associate producer and researcher for the film, calls his mission to expose “the greatest campaign finance fraud that ever has been committed.”

The Clintons think “they are truly above the law,” Cogan said. “My country has never seen anyone like Hillary Rodham Clinton.”

The documentary covers allegations that reach back to madam Clinton’s run for the Senate in 2000. Once again, the smoke that creates a shroud of deceit around the Clinton political machine has been suppressed and covered up with such veracity that the American people know little about the story. The Clinton philosophy has never changed; the more ignorant the audience the greater the guarantee is that they will vote for you.

The center piece of the documentary is a phone call between Hillary Clinton and a group of contributors prior to a 1.2 million dollar fundraiser that has yet to be acknowledged in required paperwork.

The conference call with then-first lady Clinton is among the most compelling moments in the new documentary reports Fox News. The report goes on to state that the video, taken in Paul’s Beverly Hills office a month before the gala, shows on one end of a teleconference, Paul, Tonken and their business partner Alana Stewart, Rod Stewart’s ex-wife. On the other end is Hillary Clinton.

Fox News states that Clinton can be heard saying: “Whatever it is you’re doing, is it OK if I thank you? … I am very appreciative and it sounds fabulous. I got a full report from Kelly (White House adviser Kelly Craighead) today when she got back and told me everything that you’re doing and it just sounds like it’s going to be a great event. But I just wanted to call and personally thank all of you. I’m glad you’re all together so I could tell you how much this means to me, and it’s going to mean a lot to the president, too.”

Paul’s attorney, Colette Wilson, argues that Clinton’s conversation proves she was in violation of campaign finance rules preventing candidates from personally having a hand in coordinating fundraising events in excess of $25,000.

Once again the American people are given another example of the Clinton character. With that the question remains the same as it has always been; are we prepared for Hillary Rodham Clinton, Liar in Chief?

Stephen Winslow is the executive editor for Conservative Viewpoints.


One Response to “Hillary Clinton: Liar in chief?”

  1. Fred said

    I wish your site and others would tell and show the American public that Hillary did NOT have anything to do with negotiating peace in Northern Ireland and China and the other countries she said she helped negotiate peace. You could see her face change when she said she had part in these things after her wins in Texas and Ohio. You could tell she was full of crap because her look changed when she mentioned those things. She has NO experience in foreign policy like she’s claiming and the people need to know this. These are the lies she’s using to prove to the people she’s the one qualified to answer the White House phone in a crisis. Why hasn’t the media picked up on this yet?
    I was hoping your site could get these lies out in the open. I’ve been telling everyone I meet during my work and with e-mails.
    Thank You for your time.

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