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Fog of GOP race beginning to clear

Posted by Stephen on January 29, 2008

In many respects the GOP race is down to two titans. There are two money makers, two delegate chasers, two rising figures and two men receiving all the attention on the GOP side of the political tracks.

Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney and Arizona Senator John McCain are slugging it out in Florida vying for momentum heading into the February marathon that could go a long way to deciding who will represent the Republican’s hope of staying in the White House.
For months it’s been a slugfest between GOP hopefuls. One by one they are fading away and Florida could very well mean the end of the campaigns of Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee and America’s Mayor, Rudy Giuliani.
Giuliani in particular set his sights on the sunshine state but finds himself a distant third. A campaign that started with as much promise as one could hope for has dwindled and faded to little more than an afterthought. Giuliani skipped much of South Carolina and Michigan, banking his hopes on a Florida victory and hoping he could ride a wave of momentum into the February 5 primaries. In recent days, however, the NY Mayor has seen a slight lead turn into what seems to be an insurmountable deficit against two well funded and aggressive candidates.

Huckabee, also once on the rise during the race for the GOP nomination, has leveled off and can’t seem to capture more than 16 percent in most polls. In fact, Giuliani pulled 16 percent of the Rasmussen poll, and former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee received 11 percent, following the same order as the Quinnipiac poll also released Monday.

Fox News also stated that if you didn’t think John McCain and Mitt Romney could be any closer in the polls, think again.
Fox reported that Rasmussen Reports shows Romney and McCain in a dead heat — tied at 31 percent — leading into Tuesday’s vote in The Sunshine State.

The poll authors note that the numbers follow the weekend endorsement of McCain by popular Florida Gov. Charlie Crist, which could explain why the Arizona senator’s poll numbers jumped 4 percentage points from a day earlier.

From the looks of things there will be two formidable candidates standing after Tuesday’s Florida primary. Things will begin to truly heat up over the next ten days and while it might not be the political blood bath seen from the Democrat’s sidelines, sparks will fly and both candidates will have to whether the storm and the body blows that will accompany it.

Stephen Winslow is the executive editor of Conservative Viewpoints.


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