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McCain looks old, sounds unprepared, playing old tricks

Posted by Stephen on January 30, 2008

Arizona Senator John McCain has all the momentum. He won in New Hampshire. He won in South Carolina. He won in Florida. He has garnered several endorsements. So, why is he playing dirty?

In the last debate before super Tuesday, February 5, McCain continued to throw accusations at a wall hoping enough sticks to tarnish his closest competitor, former Governor of Massachusetts Mitt Romney. During the debate, McCain misquoted Romney and accused the former Governor of supporting a pull out in Iraq.

It’s a false statement and McCain knows it. It’s old school Clinton like games that allow a person to say anything they want, with little concern for the truth, simply hoping that enough negative perceptions will occur to deter likely voters from supporting his rival. These are old tricks being played by an old Washington lifer that is playing his last season before riding off in the sunset.

McCain sounded unprepared when the topic shifted from the war in Iraq to the economy. When asked what made him qualified to address economic issues, McCain responded by saying he was a leader and he would hire managers and then proceeded to go on a tangent about the war in Iraq and against fundamentalism.

Does America need a President that needs on the job training to address the economy?

When talking about military issues McCain looks competent and confident. When addressing nearly all other issues the Senator looks old, out of touch, and out of date. He offers little in the way of innovative ideas, aside from cutting spending, he adds nothing to the conversation on economic issues and has yet to tell the people what he would do to stimulate the economy during our current down turn.

McCain lost the debate in California much the same way he clearly lost the debate in Florida. The question will be whether Mitt Romney can gain momentum and turn the tide of the electorate in his favor on February 5th.

Stephen Winslow is the executive editor of Conservative Viewpoints.


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