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Romney capitalizing on the economy

Posted by Stephen on January 31, 2008

Senator John McCain’s inability to speak to economic issues creates a titanic opportunity for Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney, and he is taking full advantage of it.

Romney lays out his plan consistently. It is one based on cutting taxes, reducing spending on entitlements, fighting special interest groups, deregulation of business and the reduction of the size of government. He speaks to stimulating the economy by putting money in the hands of those most likely to spend it which speaks to those lower on the economic ladder.

His resume establishes his credentials. He has built businesses. He has created jobs. He has run a government and it shows. He is comfortable leading a discussion on a plethora of issues, and while McCain discusses hiring managers to address these issues, he has confronted them head on.

During a campaign that can take many twists and turns, Romney has maintained a cool demeanor and has been able to stay on point during the majority of his time in front of voters. He continues to fight off false accusations that McCain has generated by misquoting the former Governor and he has successfully defeated the long time Arizona Senator in the past two debates.

Despite many of these points, McCain continues to pile up endorsements and has tremendous momentum heading into Super Tuesday. His success is based on his ability to move all discussions in the direction of terrorism and the war in Iraq. In the final debate before Tuesday’s primaries, McCain took a question on the economy. He said he was a leader and that he would hire managers to address the economy. He then spent the next 6 minutes talking about the war in Iraq. No, it had nothing to do with the economy and if it did he made no attempts to create the connection. It was a savvy move by a man that will need on the job training to address managing the most important economy in the world.

Failure to advance the American economy doesn’t just negatively impact American citizens, but also has an impact on billions of people worldwide.

Romney has established himself as a Conservative that is prepared to address a wide variety of issues and points to experience to remind people that he has been here before. The question facing the Governor and his supporters is simply whether he will be able to keep the voters on point and focused on the economy.

If he is successful, Romney will be able to capitalize on his overwhelming advantage over a rival that has stated in the past that he really doesn’t know enough about economic issues.

Come to think of it, McCain may be correct, America doesn’t need a President that needs on the job training.

Stephen Winslow is the executive editor of Conservative Viewpoints.


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