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Want a Republican to vote for a Democrat? Obama might be the answer…

Posted by Stephen on February 10, 2008

He’s closed within 23 delegates of the front runner Hillary Clinton. He’s one 4 contests in a row and is leading in the next three. He published a book that is essentially his theme for his campaign entitled “The Audacity of Hope.” He is perhaps the most effective, dynamic, and charismatic speaker that the national stage has seen in more than two decades.

He has cornered the market on hope. He is Barack Obama and he just might have what it takes to head to the White House.

Putting partisan politics aside for a moment, this is the first politician to inspire people since Ronald Reagan. He is the most impressive Democrat to fulfill that role since John F. Kennedy, and those comparisons are shared by more than a few bystanders.

Carolyn Kennedy echoes what many voters on the ground have said about Obama after hearing him speak. On MSNBC Kennedy said that Obama could inspire a generation in the way that her father did.

“I have never had a president inspire me the way people tell me that my father inspired them.  But for the first time, I believe I have found the man who could be that president – not just for me, but for a new generation of Americans,” Kennedy writes.

On the other side of the isle Susan Eisenhower, granddaughter of Republican President Dwight D. Eisenhower, endorsed Obama. In a significant and telling statement Eisenhower laid out a case for Republicans that might crossover in November.

Newsweek is reporting that Eisenhower is more than just another disappointed Republican. She is also Ike’s granddaughter and a dedicated member of the party who has urged her fellow Republicans in the past to stick with the GOP. But now Eisenhower, who runs an international consulting firm, is endorsing Barack Obama.

She told Fox News on Sunday that she has no plans to officially leave the Republican Party, but in Eisenhower’s view Obama is the only candidate who can build a national consensus on the issues most important to her; energy, global warming, an aging population and America’s standing in the world.

“Barack Obama will really be in a singular position to attract moderate Republicans,” she told NEWSWEEK. “I wanted to do what many people did for my grandfather in 1952. He was hugely aided in his quest for the presidency by Democrats for Eisenhower. There’s a long and fine tradition of crossover voters.”

In a well written column appearing in the Washington Post, Eisenhower writes “I am convinced that Barack Obama is the one presidential candidate today who can encourage ordinary Americans to stand straight again; he is a man who can salve our national wounds and both inspire and pursue genuine bipartisan cooperation. Just as important, Obama can assure the world and Americans that this great nation’s impulses are still free, open, fair and broad-minded.”

There are many reasons to think that inspiration in November may cause many voters to forget the Senators leading Liberal voting record. This is a time where the people may sincerely be seeking someone they feel is just plain different from the typical politician with the typical stump speeches.

No matter where you line up politically, Barack Obama is anything but typical and he might be able to fulfill the image voters have when they think of change. If so, it truly could be his time.

Stephen Winslow is the executive editor of Conservative Viewpoints.


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