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Clinton stays “ugly”: Loses again

Posted by Stephen on February 19, 2008

Hillary Clinton, once the darling of the Democratic Party, lost again. Tonight the battle ground was Wisconsin where the Clinton camp went to the dark side in an all out assault against her opponent Barack Obama and lost…big.

According to Fox News polls, Obama one in every polling category, with the exception of the senior citizens polled. Color of skin didn’t matter, gender didn’t matter, socio economic class didn’t matter and in the end either did Clinton’s continued negative attacks. It didn’t matter what the level of education of the voter, where in the state they lived or what issue was most important to them, because Obama won in every category.

Before appearing tonight in Youngstown, Ohio, one of Clinton’s campaign leaders appeared before the crowd to deliver a scathing attack of Obama stating he was a man “in love with the micro phone.” According to Fox News, the attack became personal and the crowd became uncomfortable enough to react and send the speaker off the stage before the completion of his comments.

Clinton’s focus has turned into an obsession. That obsession is to defeat her opponent, no matter the tactics necessary to do so or the consequences that lay ahead. She will be relentless. The Clinton machine is as effective a smear machine as modern politics has ever seen, and desperation has set in.

How will Obama respond and react? For the first time during the campaign he is facing negative press coverage. His wife was called out for saying “for the first time I am proud to be an American.” This comes on the heel of Clinton’s camp accusing Obama of plagiarism.

While the attacks didn’t work in Wisconsin, her hope rests in the fall out. Perhaps she feels she can convince voters in Ohio how bad Obama is rather than how good she is. Maybe Texas voters will turn away from Obama because Clinton claims his rhetoric is empty despite his continued growth in popularity.

If Obama continues to rack up victories, and secures the Democratic nomination, Clinton’s next book might be titled, “How Bill destroyed my village,” or “I threw sticks and stones and broke my own bones.”

In the end facts are facts. Clinton went negative and lost….again.

Stephen Winslow is the executive editor of Conservative Viewpoints.


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