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The NY Times: Integrity of a tabloid

Posted by Stephen on February 21, 2008

The newspaper Hillary Clinton reads spent the day defending their attack on Arizona Republican Senator John McCain.

Score one for McCain…

The liberal obsession of the NY Times has blinded their reporting on more than one occasion and it seems as though people believe they have once again displayed a vindictive streak that calls their journalistic integrity into question.

The New Republic blasted the piece describing it as “filled with awkward journalistic moves,” while slamming the story for luring people in with a ten year old story while trying to expose an alleged conflict within the McCain camp.

The Senator responded today saying “I’m very disappointed in The New York Times piece. It’s not true.”

Armed with nothing more than anecdotal descriptions and no evidence of an improper relationship, the Times chose to run a story that violates journalistic integrity and the focus has shifted from suggestions of McCain’s supposed improprieties to questions over whether the Times should have ran the story.

“I don’t think that there is enough acknowledged sourcing for this story,” U.S. News & World Report Publisher Mort Zuckerman told FOX News, saying it is not news that follows the newspaper’s motto of being fit to print. “I really don’t think it rises to that level.”

“The New York Times is giving the National Enquirer a bad name,” said Brent Bozell of the conservative watchdog Media Research Center. “The New York Times story today is all that about a story that is 10 years old. I have never seen anything like it in my life.”

The McCain camp continued on the offensive stating “The New York Times — the newspaper that gave a sweetheart deal to run advertisements attacking General Petraeus , has shown once again that it cannot exercise good journalistic judgment when it comes to dealing with a conservative Republican,” campaign manager Rick Davis send in an e-mail to supporters.

“All I can conclude is that this is the largest liberal newspaper in America trying to unfairly attack the integrity of the new conservative Republican nominee for president,” said McCain adviser Charlie Black. “There is no other good explanation for it.”

McCain senior adviser Steve Schmidt called the report “a smear … it reads like a tabloid gossip sheet.”

The Republican National Committee turned the tables on the smear tactics of the Times by using the report during a fundraiser.

“I think this is going to play badly for The New York Times and John McCain is going to be fine,” Schmidt said.

In the end, the false and sloppily written piece by the Times will improve the standing of McCain in certain circles. After all, if a liberal rag like the Times attacks you than your credentials as a good conservative must be ringing through.

Stephen Winslow is the executive editor of Conservative Viewpoints.


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