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Clinton: A poster child for desperation

Posted by Stephen on February 27, 2008

Some critics of Hillary Clinton have speculated for months that it would only be a matter of time before the pressure of the race for the Democratic nomination would crack her well crafted political persona.

For many observers that time has come.

Her campaign has been much like her entire political life. The goal has been to divide and conquer. Unfortunately, the people supporting the Democratic agenda want unite and create a new direction.

Clinton’s strategy for some time has been to attack her opponent, Barack Obama. She has made it personal. She has made it ugly, and she has lost 11 straight primaries and caucuses. She has fallen behind in polls nationwide and she is now pinning her hopes on Ohio and Texas.

She has attacked Obama’s health care plan even though the only distinguishable difference is that she would force people to purchase health care or possibly garnish their wages, while he says the key is to make plans more affordable.

Despite the First Amendment protection of freedom of religion, Clinton has done everything possible to call into question Obama’s religious affiliation and commitment to Israel.

The claim that “he’s a Muslim,” will soon be as damning as “he’s a Communist.”

An article in the latest edition of Newsweek reported that Clinton’s surrogates are floating the word that Obama has a shaky commitment to Israel, despite accounts to the contrary from liberal American Jewish leaders.

The article said Clinton operatives are also circulating e-mails questioning Obama’s relationship with the controversial Rev. Jeremiah Wright, the recently retired pastor at his Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago.

Leon Panetta, former White House chief of staff to Bill Clinton said the biggest problems are about the failed management of the campaign by Clinton herself. The largest gaffs include no plan for after Super Tuesday, a poor caucus strategy, and her husband.

“It seems to me like they rolled the dice on Super Tuesday, thinking that would end it,” Panetta told The New York Observer. “And when it didn’t end it, they didn’t have a plan. And when it came to the caucus states, they did have a plan, which was to ignore them. I think those were serious mistakes.”

Ignoring people, attacking those with a differing opinion, micro managing others, smearing the names of those that stand in their way is a long time political plan by the Clinton machine. As it turns out, however, she’s in a fight with a bull dog she didn’t see coming.

Barack Obama has seized the high ground. He compels people to listen. He spreads hope like warm butter on newly baked bread. He commands an audience and he has put together the best Democratic campaign since John Kennedy.

For the first time in decades the Clinton smear machine cannot sink their teeth into someone that stands in their way. This stunning revelation has created desperation within Clinton herself and as the melt down proceeds the numbers shall recede.

Her loss seems inevitable to critics. Time will tell whether that happens sooner rather than later.

Stephen Winslow is the executive editor of Conservative Viewpoints.


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