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Earmarks: A socialst device; a Clinton mainstay

Posted by Stephen on February 28, 2008

Hillary Clinton finished in the top ten in money received for federal earmarks while her rival, Barack Obama, finished in the bottom quarter in funds requested and received for special projects.

The Washington Post is reporting that while “working with her New York colleagues in nearly every case, Clinton supported almost four times as much spending on earmarked projects as her rival for the Democratic presidential nomination, Sen. Barack Obama (Ill.), whose $91 million total placed him in the bottom quarter of senators who seek earmarks, the study showed.”

Clinton has repeatedly supported earmarks as a way to bring home money for projects including a $1 million request for a museum devoted to the Woodstock music festival.

Her $342 million dollar total is unusually large for someone who does not serve on the Senate Appropriations Committee, where earmarks are doled out, usually on a members-first basis. According to the Post, of the 10 largest recipients, Clinton is the only senator not on the Senate Appropriations Committee.

Obama’s criticism of Washington’s insider culture is a linchpin of Obama’s campaign; he supports earmarks only for public entities such as schools and hospitals. He secured $3.3 million in earmarks through his own sponsorship, and collected $88 million in concert with other Illinois lawmakers.

The socialist agenda clearly sees fit to take money from those who have earned it and provide it to those that have not. Redistribution of wealth is a lynchpin for their blueprint for success. Some believe that the redistribution of wealth is unconstitutional.

Clinton continues to support Hugo Chavez’s blueprint for taking over oil revenue. Clinton continues to promote a health care plan that will require a person to purchase health insurance or see their wages garnised. Clinton has maintained the reckless use of tax payer funds while she’s been in the Senate.

No matter how you dice it, Clinton is, at best, a tax and spend liberal and at worse a master manipulator whose agenda will forever change the direction of government in the United States.

Is America prepared to destroy Capitalism and the Free Market in exchange for Socialism? The answer will make voting easy.

Stephen Winslow is the executive editor of Conservative Viewpoints.


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