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Kaine disappoints supporters of predator payday lending reform

Posted by Stephen on March 12, 2008

Governor Tim Kaine is embarking on a state wide tour to get out his feelings and thoughts regarding the issues of the day confronting the people of the Commonwealth.

For those of us that have worked to educate the Governor and other leaders in Richmond of the negative effects of predator payday lending on working families, the elderly, and the disabled, to name a few, the public meeting in Staunton was a disappointment at best.

“I don’t think it is likely that I’m going to dramatically rewrite the bill they have sent me,” said Kaine.

Calling the current bill on the table “complex,” he seemed to suggest that the only way to get it passed into law was to go along with its content as-is. That is disappointing.

Unfortunately, if the Governor cannot take on the tough issues and if he feels he has little in the way of persuasive powers to work with his own party for tougher standards, than my disappointment is only matched by my loss of respect for the man that once said he would support a 36% cap on payday loans.

If he is not the leader of his party than who is? It seems that Dick Saslaw, D-Fairfax, has the Governor ducking for cover to avoid any real confrontation on this issue.

It is equally disappointing to feel that the issue of predator payday lending doesn’t rise to the level worthy of a fight despite the reality of an economy that is slipping into a recession driven by foreclosures and maxed out credit that is crippling the working class.

There seems little that can be done now, but 2009 will bring names like McDonnell and Bolling into play for the Governor’s seat. It seems like the strength of character associated with these names might trump a three-peat by a Democratic party that talks a good game but leaves their principles checked at the door.

Stephen Winslow is the executive editor of Conservative Viewpoints.


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