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What is China to do?

Posted by Stephen on March 19, 2008

Twenty five years ago I stated, to anyone that would listen, that in twenty years China would be the most dangerous country in the world. I still believe I was right.

China has done little to address human rights abuses. Considering the recent onslaught against the people of Tibet, the Chinese government would seem not to be concerned about their position on the rights of others.

China is also the greatest threat to the natural resources of the world. While the Sierra Club and other environmental organizations attack U.S. environmental policy, it is China that thumbs its nose at the world around them. They continue to flatten forest and build factories with no standards for air or water quality in effect. Additionally, their unquenchable appetite for oil is growing at an unprecedented rate and they are getting cozy with countries in South America.

They are in the midst of building the largest blue water Navy in the nation’s history whose sole purpose is to effect control of the Persian Gulf. Yes, the same Persian Gulf we fought to protect our access to.

…and then there’s Taiwan.

85% of the people of Taiwan want to see their government solicit for membership in the United Nations. While it is unlikely to happen, the call for the measure suggests the continued desire of the Taiwanese people to be free from Chinese control.

Adding to the difficulties for China is the upcoming election on the spirited Island to the West. There are ballot questions on whether Taiwan should seek membership in the United Nations under the name Taiwan or under some other name, such as Chinese Taipei, the name under which Taiwan participates in the Olympics. The New York Sun is reporting that Secretary of State Rice has called that referendum “provocative” and said it “unnecessarily raises tensions in the Taiwan Strait, and it promises no real benefits for the people of Taiwan on the international stage.”

John Negroponte, who heads the Bush administration’s “senior dialogue” with the communist regime, backed off that position in a recent interview with the Council on Foreign Relations, also reported in the NY Sun, saying that America has told the Chinese communists “that they shouldn’t try to deprive Taiwan of all of its political space. For example, there are institutions, global institutions, that don’t require being a state to have membership. We think Beijing can afford to be a little bit more generous toward Taiwan in regard to some of those organizations.”

It makes little sense why the administration would discourage a democratic vote, no matter the goal, given we have gone to war to carry out the Bush Doctrine calling for the spread of Democracy no matter the lengths we must go to for success.

It is obvious that China’s problem with Taiwan has little to do with their independence and everything to do with the democracy that it is based on. That is what is most frightening about China.

Then again, that has not changed since communism was born, since tanks ran over students on the world stage, and since they determined they couldn’t beat, terrorize, intimidate, lie, or murder enough people, to remove the desire for freedom from the hearts of the people of China or Taiwan.

Stephen Winslow is the executive editor of Conservative Viewpoints.


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