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Happy Easter from Tennessee…

Posted by Stephen on March 21, 2008

While Conservative Viewpoints resides in Virginia traveling is a love of mine. Seeing new places or, as is the case for this trip, visiting family is always a welcomed event.

Easter is the most significant holiday for Christians. The importance of the weekend only adds to the time spent with my father in the great state of Tennessee.

I hope each of you finds the time to celebrate God’s faith in you shown through the sacrifice of his only son for the forgiveness of our sins. It is the one time to truly consider the resurrection of Jesus Christ, what it means to you, and perhaps what purpose surrounds your existence.

If we are willing to recognize God’s commitment to us then don’t we have the responsibility to discover his purpose for our lives? It is the single most important pursuit you should undertake. To understand, first, that you are here for a reason and that reason is paramount to living life to the fullest and realizing your greatest potential, and second, that if you allow Christ into your life that peace and acceptance is what awaits you, is to understand why faith is so powerful.

Faith; the ability to believe in something you cannot prove, is what I wish for each of you.

Pushing my faith on others is simply not my cup of tea, but allowing my faith to grow and dominate my life from the inside out, while recognizing that I do believe Christ works through me if I let him is what I honor this weekend.

These truths I believe to be self evident every time I look in a mirror, every time I realize how blessed my life has been, how far I’ve come from where I once was or where I could have been, and how much I have accomplished.

No matter where you are in life, no matter what troubling circumstances you find yourself facing today, I hope and I pray that you take a few precious moments to fight through the darkness and find the goodness in you, the moments you have triumphed no matter how trivial you may have believed them to be, the sun that shined on you when you least expected it, and the help you might have received one day from someone you didn’t know. If you try you will find them. They may have only lasted a heartbeat, and yet if you can see them in reflection they may act as a reminder that chance is real, that destiny is no accident, and that faith is more powerful than the crippling disease of defeatism, cynicism, and pessimism put together.

These things I wish for us all and it brings me great joy to wish you a HAPPY AND PEACEFUL EASTER.

Stephen Winslow is the executive editor of Conservative Viewpoints.


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