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Out of control government spending nearing 3 TRILLION dollars…what will you do about it?

Posted by Stephen on March 26, 2008

It is estimated that total government spending for 2008 will be a staggering $2.93 trillion , a 7% increase over last year. The Office of Management and Budget lists Social Security spending ($615 billion) and Medicare ($396 billion) to be at the top of the budget list.

To be clear; nearly 50% of the entire federal budget is buried under the weight of archaic entitlements that should have been reorganized and reassessed years ago.

According to an Associated Press report, “Trustees for the government’s two biggest benefit programs warned yesterday that Social Security and Medicare are facing ‘enormous challenges’ with the threat to the latter’s solvency far more severe.”

According to the AP report, “The trustees, issuing a once-a-year analysis of the government’s two biggest benefit programs, said the resources in the Social Security trust fund will be depleted by 2041. The reserves in the Medicare trust fund that pays hospital benefits were projected to be wiped out by 2019.”

The battle over SS reform has been buried under a mountain of childish political games where the Democrats cry foul and accuse anyone that wants to look at new ideas as shameful people who hate the elderly and don’t care about our children. Republicans do themselves no favors by running and hiding in the corner fearing Democrats will exploit these fear tactics and run them out of office. It is gutless and Republicans who fail to make this issue front and center for the American people should be made aware of the consequences of their non-action.

In Social Security’s Problems Haven’t Gone Away, Michael Tanner, Cato’s director of health and welfare studies, writes: “Social Security is the largest government program in the world, accounting for 23 percent of the federal budget. The Social Security tax is the largest tax that the average American family pays. Nearly 80 percent of Americans pay more in Social Security taxes than they do in federal income tax.”

Tanner points out that millions of seniors depend on Social Security for their retirement income, yet the program is unsustainable. He explains that “It cannot pay future benefits without drowning our children and grandchildren in a sea of debt and taxes.”

Sadly, Democrats will only say they won’t let those mean spirited Republicans touch the “third rail” of the economy. Republicans are too scared of upcoming elections to offer any real reform and President Bush, whose popularity numbers hover around 32%, was banged around pretty well in his first term and seems to have no political clout left to address domestic issues.

Yet, as Tanner points out this issue will not go away. In fact it will only get worse.

At what point will the Liberal left get it through their very thick skulls that the American economy cannot sustain Social Security and Medicare spending that totals more than Military, Homeland Security, Food and Nutrition Assistance, National Institutes of Health, International Development and Humanitarian Aid, Disaster Relief and Insurance, Federal Prison System, and consumer and Occupational Health and Safety spending, put together.

It is evident that the ideology of the Democratic Party embraces Socialism with a totality and genuine belief that can only be described as un-American. What is disappointing is that so many Americans are blinded by the media driven hatred of the conservative message combined with the misguided and manipulative message of Clinton democrats.

It’s time to stand up and fight for common sense and put to bed the lunacy surrounding the hopeless and negative message of the left that says you are to weak, to dumb, and to incompetent to know what to do with your money or how to make decisions appropriate for your family and your future.

It’s time to allow our 100 year market that has yielded 10% a year to be part of a solution that benefits more people than the current out of date and inadequate plan centered on Social Security that will yield between 2% and 3%.

Don’t allow the Democratic Party, bankrupt of ideas, to steal your future, your hope, and yes, your fiscal security. Step to the front of the line and remind elected officials we like solutions that are derived from possibilities, we like smaller government, we like capitalism versus their socialist ideals, we like to earn what we have and to keep what we earn.

Remind them we believe in an America built on hope, dreams, and the ingenuity of people over the limits of government. We believe in a Conservative message that places our future in our hands, empowers us to make choices, allows us to pray when we want to pray if we want to pray, encourages us to reach for a dream once called The American Dream, and sees the human spirit as the undefeatable force willing to defend freedom from enemies both foreign and domestic.

We believe in this message because we believe in an America built and left to us by our Founding Fathers who provided us with the only instructions we would ever need described in the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution.

If you truly believe in who we are as a nation, your decision in November will be an easy one.

Stephen Winslow is the executive editor of Conservative Viewpoints.


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