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Archive for April, 2008

Lucente supporter responds to Taylor letter

Posted by Stephen on April 30, 2008

I was disappointed to receive a letter from Jeremy Taylor, at-large Council candidate, making false statements and misleading allegations against Frank Lucente.

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Finally a hospital challenges Clinton tale

Posted by Stephen on April 8, 2008

Hillary Clinton is an adequate public speaker at best. Her rival on the campaign trail, Barack Obama, is one of the finest public speakers seen on the national stage since John F. Kennedy.

Clinton has countered by trying to strike a cord with her audiences by telling heart felt stories she has supposedly heard on the campaign trail. One such story she has used to the point of exhaustion details the woes of a poor woman that could not afford a hospital visit to check on the health of her unborn baby. As a result the woman lost the baby and later her own life.

Clinton claimed that the woman was refused health care at a hospital. It is a preposterous claim.

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