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Lucente supporter responds to Taylor letter

Posted by Stephen on April 30, 2008

I was disappointed to receive a letter from Jeremy Taylor, at-large Council candidate, making false statements and misleading allegations against Frank Lucente.

First, that Mr. Lucente is not committed to the implementation of the bond referendum. This is a lie. He voted FOR the implementation of the referendum. He voted against the CIP, which contained millions of dollars in borrowing for projects the majority of voters did not want.
I also challenge Mr. Taylor to demonstrate how Lucente has “delayed project implementation.” In fact, he could have delayed implementation because of legal technicalities with the referendum and did not, and the borrowing is
moving forward.
Next, the City Employee’s Compensation Plan. Lucente has called for efficiency in ALL areas including City employee compensation and raises. He has consistently questioned the rationale and effectiveness of those raises, particularly when high-ranking employees receive the most benefit and some rank and file employees receive no raises at all.
Finally,supporting the schools. Lucente was instrumental in creating the current funding plan that gives the schools 42.5% of the city’s budget and ended yearly struggles over funding. No one has suggested cutting this contribution to the schools, and the School Board has not asked for additional funds.
Taylor calls for a “spirit of compromise and cooperation”. I suggest that he make the same public call to the majority on the Council. His supporters are supporters of the majority, so it’s clear they’re connected. It takes two sides to compromise, and they’ve shown no signs of doing that. Any opposition to their position is called divisive or antagonistic. We can only assume that having Mr. Taylor on the Council would continue that trend.
I hope that Waynesboro voters will look at the facts before they vote May 6th, not simply negative propaganda.
Alex Stevens


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