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Rancor continues in Augusta County; they just don’t get it

Posted by Stephen on May 5, 2008

Much has been said these past few weeks to address the actions of Republicans inside the Augusta County Committee. The battles have been ugly and public and they aren’t over yet. On the one hand I have heard that this website doesn’t have the facts and the only thing that matters is the removal of their identified enemies. On the other hand I have heard that the ill will and divisive tactics used by Augusta County Chairman Kurt Michael are unwanted, unnecessary and unproductive.

Michael survived a vote by committee members at the 6th District Convention held this past weekend that would have removed him from his position as chairman. He and his supporters are claiming victory, though it may be temporary as the decision is being appealed. The complexity of the argument between the parties involved muddies the water.

Nothing will be solved in this column, on the streets of our communities, or in a court of law. This will be decided at the state level and thank goodness for that.

However, in the midst of all the acrimony a larger point is being ignored.

While the Michael supporters pound their chests and scream for a victory in this battle against what they describe as Democrats that have infiltrated Republican circles in the valley, they stand the chance of losing the war.

Every time Michael supporters sink to the level of their adversaries they empower them. Every time they scream in hallways, get into shoving matches, or go nose to nose with those provoking them, they allow the other side to claim victory. Again, the Michael supporters may scream louder or make better points and win that battle, but they take another step toward losing the war.

The war is to be fought on behalf of Bob McDonnell, Bill Boling, Bob Goodlatte, and most importantly Jim Gilmore who will be in the fight of his political life against former Virginia Governor Mark Warner in the fall.

The only chance to make end roads against Warner is for Republicans to dominate in the Shenandoah Valley. The valley is the key to off-setting the liberal leanings of Northern Virginia. The only way Valley Republicans pull off a dominating performance is to be united and motivated. It will not be enough to say, “I’ll vote for him in the end.”

The party must expand. New voters need to be registered, new members need to sign up with the party and a search for momentum must ensue, and there is little time to spare to deal with something as sad as the display taking place in Augusta County.

This past weekend Congressman Bob Goodlatte, Delegate Ben Cline, Delegate Chris Saxman, RPV Chairman hopeful Jeff Frederick, and a multitude of other Republican leaders repeated one specific theme to onlookers; unity. Unfortunately, neither side in Augusta County was listening.

What Michael and his supporters don’t get is that leadership and unity are the result of looking beyond differences, rising above petty and childish display’s and seeking to achieve goals the right way, because in the end how you get something done must mean something otherwise we are no better than those that set out to destroy us.

Stephen Winslow is the executive editor of Conservative Viewpoints.


3 Responses to “Rancor continues in Augusta County; they just don’t get it”

  1. YankeePhil said

    I made my comment on my
    I think you are right, but….

  2. It seems the Republicans and Democrats have something very much in common and that is spending too much time by the leadership fighting within the party instead of efforts against the opposing party. Obama & Hillary have pretty much beat up each other and McCain should be happy for the material. Same here in the valley as Mark Warner sits back and watched the Valley vote now in turmoil and licking his chops as to how many GOP voters will not turn out to vote. They will not vote for Warner but he will be happy still if the GOP voter, who saw their vote at the mass meeting over ruled by the 6th committee, decide not to come out and vote at all. Either way Warner still wins Virginia because the Valley vote is not there for Gilmore.

  3. Yankeephil said

    Steve, we are going to have to agree to disagree on this subject of the vote. I promise I wont take you to court about it. Maybe to a raquetball court, if I lose some tonnage. The rest is dead on.

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