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Waynesboro City Council trims fat and passes the gravy

Posted by Stephen on May 22, 2008

She was getting hefty. She had some rolls developing and with bikini weather coming it seemed appropriate to get her in shape. After all, is she can lose some fat she’ll probably be much more productive and in the end provide more of a payoff for those who support her efforts.

That’s the description that fits WCC’s decision to cut $600 thousand dollars from a proposed $41 million dollar budget and hold the tax rate at its current level of 70 cents per $100 dollars of real estate owned.

The local papers have described the goal to make cuts in the budget as “painful,” and “painstaking.” Out-going councilman Tom Reynolds said the cuts wouldn’t happen. Yet, by some miracle, the leadership of Tim Williams and Frank Lucente showed the way to success.

Not only was the process far from painful, it seemed downright easy. While the papers belabored the point and lamented about the difficulty of the process, and while Nancy Dowdy and Lorie Smith said it couldn’t be done, Williams and Lucente put their heads together and discovered what many of us know…there’s plenty of fat around the edges.

It’s doubtful that it will stop here. It seems that the new majority has plans they have not begun to unveil and they seem confident that these plans will help light the way to the progress that citizens trusted they would deliver when they voted them onto council. It was not simply an election but a thorough white wash of the other candidates that seemed to lack vision or were tied to special interest groups that more than 60% of the citizens of Waynesboro do not support.

The next two years will be tight. In order to bring some of the irresponsible debt load down that will be the lasting legacy of the current leadership of Smith, Dowdy and Reynolds, Williams and company will have to pull the purse strings tight and manage our money as efficiently as necessary.

Tonight’s decision to cut fat from the budget and hold the line on taxes is an important first step in reminding voters that there’s new leadership in town. Finally, it seems, the term “plan-full government,” used so often two years ago, will actually mean more than a campaign slogan in Waynesboro.

Stephen Winslow is the executive editor of Conservative Viewpoints.


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