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Michael survives; now what?

Posted by Stephen on June 2, 2008

Kurt Michael, the embittered Republican Chairman for Augusta County, survived a second appeal launched by Larry Roller who proclaimed himself Augusta County Chairman after a vote at Augusta County’s mass meeting seemed to have handed him a victory.

This, however, is politics and not everything is as it seems…

Ultimately, the attempted coup by Roller and his supporters did not work based on rules and regulations that were not followed. More importantly, the tactics used by his side of this soap opera should have never allowed his case to rise to the level it did, but he had help.

Michael’s actions in the early going were disappointing to many people that felt he should have never gotten in the pig pen in the first place. Michael is smarter than that and had he risen above the ugliness launched by his opponents and led by example while maintaining a certain statesman approach, he could have disarmed the other side with lightening speed.

At the end of the day, despite this web site stating that he’d be ousted, Michael survived with a unanimous vote from the state committee that entertained the appeal by Roller. As a result, it would seem that Michael is the undisputed Augusta County Republican Chair, despite the continued protestations from the Roller camp.

This decision, whatever it was going to be, could not have come at a better time. There is a new RPV Chairman (Jeff Frederick), a Senate race on the horizon, and next year’s race for Governor, Lt. Gov., and Attorney General, not to mention state seats up for grabs. This region within the Republican Party must put the pieces back together and recognize there are much more important challenges ahead for the GOP.

Make no mistake about it, those that want to write about the demise of the Republican Party are in for a very rude awakening. There were some 4,000 enthusiastic Republicans in Richmond this past weekend and the Frederick landslide victory sent a very clear message to the rest of the state; the conservative values of the Republican Party are alive and well.

For Michael the question is; what’s next?

He gave many people his word that he was going to step down after the Republican Convention which was just concluded. If he holds true to his statement it will go a long way to healing some troubling feelings between what were once friends within the party regionally. The move would also provide even more freedom for Michael who has a lot to offer the party, candidates, and future leaders.

Enough has been made of this issue to last some of us a lifetime. Now the time has come to accept that the good fight is over, the decisions have been made and the votes cast. Let us move on with the spirit that reminds us of one simple uniting thread…We are Republicans for a Reason.

Let us spend the coming months letting people know just what those reasons are so that we can expand our party and support a plethora of outstanding candidates that are on the door step of the next Republican Revolution.

Stephen Winslow is the executive editor of Conservative Viewpoints.


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