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Augusta Co. Republican Chairman, Kurt Michael, resigns

Posted by Stephen on June 4, 2008

Dear Republican Friends,

I am grateful that the State Central Committee confirmed my election as Augusta County Republican Chairman. As I stated publicly on April 18, I will be stepping down as Augusta GOP Chairman.

This will take place on June 7th after the 6th District Republican Meeting. This is a very important meeting and Augusta County must be represented, however, let there be no question regarding my pledge, I am stepping down in order to bring unity to the local party.

While my decision to relinquish the Chairmanship does not come easy, my primary motivation is for the greater good of the Republican Party. By stepping aside, an opportunity for a consensus candidate will be created. With my resignation, I am offering an invitation to Senator Emmett Hanger and his followers to come back into the Republican fold and focus on the true challenge of the fall elections.

I also believe that it is in the best interest of the local party that Larry Roller accepts the decision of the State Central Committee. Larry Roller’s statements to the press stating he will pursue a lawsuit would only deepen the divide among local Republicans. I would ask Larry Roller once again, to reconsider his actions in order to help bring unity to the party.

Though I am stepping aside as Chairman, I will continue to work and promote our conservative values. It has been an honor to serve as Chairman of the Augusta County Republican Committee for over five years. I am forever indebted to all my friends who have supported me throughout my tenure and have stuck with me through a difficult appeal process; you are true friends.

Sincerely, Kurt Michael , Chairman
Augusta County Republican Committee


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