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Child Abuse: The act of a coward; a blemish on society

Posted by Stephen on June 20, 2008

Child abuse is the cowardice act perpetuated by the demonic need to control and manipulate the innocent and defenseless. The perpetrator forfeits the right to objectivity and should be subject to the most aggressive penalties allowed by law. Their worth to society, now diminished to a level somewhere between vile and the defecation of snails, should be measured by how many pieces of trash they can retrieve from the sides of roads while wearing chains and bright colored clothing under the watchful eye of a shotgun toting member of the penitentiary in which they should reside.

This aggressive take on what has become an almost accepted part of what is becoming an uncivilized society is especially applicable to those that abuse children as though it is some sort of entertainment.

Take, for example, the case of a five year old in Los Angeles, California, found by authorities to have been tortured by a lesbian couple, Starkeisha Brown and Krystal Mathews, over what investigators are already describing as a “prolonged” period of time.

Fox News reports that the boy was covered in cigarette burns, including to his genitals. He couldn’t fully open his hand because it had been burned on a stove. His tooth was broken with a nerve exposed, and he had been made to sit in his own urine and feces.

This defenseless child of 5 remains hospitalized by kidney failure brought on from malnutrition, and two county supervisors are blaming welfare and law enforcement agencies for missing earlier chances to rescue the child from what police say were months of “unbearable psychological and physical abuse.”

The Department of Children and Family Services is investigating why no one followed up an initial case review after a tip in November 2005 that the boy was neglected and at risk while in the care of his grandmother, who took the boy in after his mother was arrested for shoplifting.

An array of other agencies missed their chance to intervene, said Gloria Molina, a member of the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors, including the state Department of Corrections and the county’s Department of Probation, Department of Mental Health and foster care agencies that had case files for Brown and the two other women charged in the case.

“Why was there no intervention? It shouldn’t have to be from the hotline,” Molina said.

Molina is referring to the call to a hotline on June 4th from a woman who said the boy was at a commuter train station claiming his mother had burned his hand on top of a stove.

Summoned by DCFS to answer questions regarding the June 4 call, Brown brought her younger sisters healthy four year old son and daughter to the county office and tried to pass them off as her own. When authorities questioned weather the child was hers, Brown and her girlfriend ran from the building.

The boy was found nearby, after someone called 911 to report that a sick child with bruises had been left with a homeless person.

Fox reports that Brown, 24, turned herself in to police June 13. Her live-in girlfriend, 24-year-old Krystal Matthews, was arrested later. Both were charged with one count each of torture, child abuse, corporal injury to a child, dissuading a witness, and two counts each of conspiracy. They face 25 years to life in prison if convicted.

While it will be important to vet the concerns over a system that failed miserably for more that three years to rescue this child from obvious signs of abuse, it is important not to be distracted from placing ultimate blame where it should be placed; on the narrow inhuman shoulders of Starkeisha Brown and Krystal Mathews.

The right to live in a civil society was stolen from a 5 year old by the calculated acts of two worthless women whose heartless acts should afford them the opportunity to live in seclusion comforted only by the haunting screams of a child stronger than they are, better then they are, and for the first time in his life….freer then they are.

“I’ve never seen anyone with these kinds of injuries who has lived,” Assistant Police Chief James McDonnell told reporters last week. “This kid must have a tremendous will to live, to be able to still hang on despite what he’s been through.”

It is that will to live, and the indefinable courage shown by this brave child that should summon any and all necessary resources needed to provide him a simple yet elusive chance to overcome a nightmare few awaken from and even fewer can relate to.

Until the day comes that this child is able to forget the horrors he has lived through, until the day he becomes President of the United States and uses his authority to pardon these two women, Brown and Mathews can sit in prison until their decaying carcasses can be drug to a field where vultures can pick over their worthless flesh…assuming vultures will eat anything.

Stephen Winslow is the executive editor of Conservative Viewpoints.


11 Responses to “Child Abuse: The act of a coward; a blemish on society”

  1. Antony said

    I’m pretty much a liberal in every sense of the word. But I’d eagerly support a long suffering painful death for scum like these people. For all those that hurt children. There’s no punishment I can think of that is suitably extreme enough for them.

  2. Sean Cervantes said

    Just finish them off. These two women are of absolutely zero value to our society and anyone with the capability to inflict this type of abuse on a small child deserves no mercy from our society or any other. A public hanging is in order.

  3. Sherri McElhaney said

    My first reaction was to skin them both and then roll them in salt, but they don’t even deserve that much effort expended upon them. Shoot them both. Send me an invoice. I’ll pay for the bullets.

  4. GoodPoint said

    Hmmm…This truly is sad. These women should definitely go to jail, but I don’t know about that last part involving being drug to a field and fed to vultures. I think a better thing to do would be to look into the past of these women and find the underlying reason for why they might commit child abuse in the first place. Children with abusive parents often end up abusing their own kids, and I would not at all be surprised if that is what is going on here. I know that many people who have strong feelings about this issue will want revenge on these women, but the first thing we have to do is admit that it will not solve anything. Jail will do just fine.

  5. niki said

    It’s literally sickening that these people share the same air space as my children. What scares me even more is notion that this poor little guy will now float around in the foster system and never receive the nurturing security that he deserves…thus perpetuating the cycle. Heartbreaking.

  6. Gale said

    The mother looks like a mean son of a gun. If these women (all that were involved) don’t get the maximum penalties, there is something very wrong in this country. They should be burned with cigarettes, their hands should be burned on the stove, and their stomachs become disdended from lack of food. Do the same to all of them. That poor little innocent child. These people are the epitomy of evil!!! Worthless!

  7. JR - Ohio said

    I’d volunteer for the execution squad…scum…

  8. First choice would be send the to a N.Y. Prison after advising all other inmates as to what both of these did to the child. Then if anything was left ship them off to Gitmo for a couple of years, No, Wait, the Supreme court has screwed that up also…

  9. CC said

    If you think the Mom looks mean, look at Krystal Matthews, she looks like a pit bull. A true lesbian bull dyke, strong and mean, and she is alleged to have dished out most of the beatings to the child. The should have been kissing the ground the child walked on, he is what paid the rent and got them food stamps. The police were looking for Brown prior to this, but they couldn’t find her. Odd!! The welfare checks always found her. Brown had the nerve to say on her MySpace page, “… the two people I love the most. My son and …” Commissioner Molina thinks Brown may have other children. DUD!! do you think? Maybe that’s why the child’s name is Twin Macai? That is the name under the picture of her, Matthews, and her son. Perhaps the other Twin is dead. Hopefully, Brown will get hit with Three Strikes, she was on parole at the time she was arrested, and she has at least two prior convictions.

  10. CC said

    Three abusers are charged. Starkeisha Brown, Krystal Matthews, and the babysitter that put his hand(s) on the stove, numerous times, LaTanya Jones.

  11. Resa said

    I was incarcerated with Starkeisha Brown, in CYA. She was always getting into trouble, and spoke of having other children, that havent been brought up in this case at all. What about them, were they abused? I’m glad that she is sitting in the prison system for her actions. Unfortunately, I do know her, and truly dont believe that she will ever be a productive member of society. I would love to see that bitch wrought in prison the rest of her life for what she has done to her 5 year old son, along with others that she has affected. Where is her son now? What system is he in because of the crooked system that we depend on so much…

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