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A Winning Team being assembled in Virginia…

Posted by Stephen on June 23, 2008

Attorney General Bob McDonnell continues to formulate teams and plans that illustrate his strength as a solution based leader dedicated to confronting the challenges citizens face in Virginia.

Make no mistake about it this is not some sort of tag line leading to another “Dream Team” comparison from the past. This is bold leadership grounded in philosophies and ideologies that McDonnell has been cultivating for years.

McDonnell is a man of integrity. He is what Virginia needs in a time where poor management of the state budget has led to a 50% increase in spending in just the last five years under the leadership of Democrat Mark Warner and now Democrat Tim Kaine. McDonnell brings a solid conservative foundation, based on deeply held beliefs, to an agenda that has only one purpose; to solve the problems faced by all Virginians.

His latest efforts to improve the quality of life for every person calling the Commonwealth home was to appoint current Lt. Governor Bill Bolling to his Government and Regulatory Reform Task Force.

McDonnell expects the focus of Bolling’s work to be on the infrastructure challenges in Virginia, stating “It takes too much time and money to build infrastructure in the modern age.”

The goal of the task force will be to speed the development and reduce the cost of infrastructure in Virginia. In accepting the post Bolling said “the work of the Regulatory Reform Task Force is very important. Government is intended to work for the people of Virginia, not against them; but that is not always the case. Sometimes misguided regulations, or regulations that become antiquated over time, can serve as an impediment to building a better Virginia.”

Attorney General McDonnell’s Government and Regulatory Reform Task Force was announced in August of 2006. It is conducting a systematic review of state regulations with the goal of minimizing adverse impacts on commerce and society while preserving the important public safety, health and welfare protections that many of the regulations provide. To date, the task force has recommended 236 regulations for elimination of streamlining.

Finding solutions to Virginia’s most critical challenges, empowering people, reducing government imposed road blocks that prevent progress, reducing the tax burden on all citizens while eliminating wasteful and unnecessary spending, keeping faith alive in the Commonwealth while continuing his work to protect the people from crime and exploitation, are just some of the tasks Bob McDonnell has made a part of his life’s work.

All too often rhetoric and style outshine substance on the political landscape, but every now and then someone comes along to remind us what leadership means. Bob McDonnell wears the burden and challenge of leadership with ease because his agenda isn’t self centered or based on the need for power, but instead is focused on finding the gifts within those around him and allowing them to create and implement ideas and solutions for a better tomorrow; for a better Virginia.

Stephen Winslow is the executive editor of Conservative Viewpoints.


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