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Doubling the budget under Warner and Kaine not enough for Dems

Posted by Stephen on June 26, 2008

Democrats in the Virginia State Senate, led by Dick Saslaw (D-Fairfax), are bankrupt of ideas, lack vision, and couldn’t spell leadership if you spotted them the first nine letters. Sadly, their collective political education does afford them enough depth of vocabulary to say “tax and spend.”

First they double the size of the state budget and now they want to raise taxes on you at a time when Virginians are fighting national economic woes including escalating gas and food prices.

Saslaw, showing that his lack of understanding of anything to do with economics and leadership has no bounds, proudly touts his desire to increase gas taxes 6-cents per gallon statewide, add a 5% increase statewide in the sales tax and an even larger increase on Northern Virginia families, and increase the sales tax on new car purchases.

Saslaw and the witless Democrats that aimlessly follow his lead simply do not have the intellectual capacity to offer any solution to any economic problem that does not begin and end with increasing taxes so that they can justify reckless and irresponsible fiscal practices.

To state that Saslaw and his dedicated minions on the left have nothing else to offer to the conversation is being to kind and giving them too much credit as a political body. They do far more damage than simply stand, slack jawed, on the floor of the Virginia legislature.

This latest attempt to justify their stale and failed economic policies cause unnecessary harm to working families, they persecute senior citizens, and demoralize the very citizens they have the audacity to suggest they support.

Thankfully, a resurgent conservative voice in the Commonwealth seems to be returning. Finally, those of us that believe fiscal responsibility begins with acknowledging that taxes are the least sound way to expand revenue, may be witnessing the return of solid Republican values abandoned by a small group of leaders not committed to the empowerment of people that strayed away from the Republican Creed.

Not a single Republican, including Emmitt Hanger who as recently as a month ago was advocating each of the Saslaw tax increases, voted for the measure when it hit the Senate Floor.

Now is the time for voters to notice. It is important that voters do not fall prey to the manipulations of Democrats that will suggest there is no other alternative for raising revenue accept increasing taxes.

While people should recognize that Democrats see no other alternatives, they should also see that Republicans continue to discuss spending cuts and alternative plans while opening the doors to people with ideas and solutions that elevate the conversation beyond the simplicities that Democrats are forced to focus on.

Let the solutions begin by supporting someone who respects tax payers enough to stop the madness of reckless spending and record tax increases. Jim Gilmore is the only candidate running for the Senate of Virginia that believes, first and foremost, in the sanctity of your Constitutional Right to keep what you earn.

Let the solutions needed for long term success continue by supporting Attorney General Bob McDonnell for Governor in 2009 and re-electing Lt. Governor Bill Bolling to his position where he continues to fight for the right of Virginians to be represented by people and a Republican Party that listens and responds instead of the practice advocated by Democrats of ignoring and dictating.

Like most diseases, Virginians can overcome the viral infection of fiscal irresponsibility advocated by the Democratic Party, but it will demand focus and the desire to embrace, work for, and vote for new leadership that will demand a new direction from Richmond. That new direction will be a decisive turn to the right where ideas thrive, people matter, and principles exist as a foundation to guide leaders instead of a tool to manipulate the voter.

Stephen Winslow is the executive editor of Conservative Viewpoints.


One Response to “Doubling the budget under Warner and Kaine not enough for Dems”

  1. The only ‘alternative’ to Democrats is raising taxes… under Kaine just the last two years, taxes have gone up 9.1 and 9.7 respectively… where did it go?

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