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Warner, Obama and Dems making oil their “fourth rail”

Posted by Stephen on July 7, 2008

The Democratic Party has spent a tremendous amount of time, energy, and money promoting scare tactics and divisive measures to protect their sacred cow social security, or as it is commonly referred to, “the third rail.”

As a result, the burdens of entitlements like social security are quickly becoming overwhelming to the long term health of the American economy. While Democrats see such challenges as opportunities to justify higher taxes, others see the problem as an indicator that changes need to be made in how government conducts its business. The protestations of Democrats and their lack of leadership have eliminated the possibility of real reform for Americans depending on such programs for their retirement, and now they’re doing the same thing with regards to drilling for oil in our back yard.

It’s the oil stupid…

Now the Democrats have a fourth rail and it’s oil, and they are making it a political football just like they have social security.

Mark Warner has made it clear that he supports the position Barack Obama is advocating during his campaign. Obama stated that he sees $7.00 per gallon gasoline as a good thing for Americans. Warner agrees and has said no to drilling in Anwar and no to drilling off the American coast.

While Warner aligns himself with the Sierra Club, far left Liberals, and the failed policies that Democrats have been pushing for the last fifty years, Virginians continue to suffer today.

Warner also supports the myth that any drilling done today will not benefit the market for more than 10 years. It is a myth Warner and the Democratic Party hopes they can perpetuate through the fall elections. The fact that there is no assemblence of truth behind the statement has never mattered to the Democratic Party or apparently Mark Warner.

Jim Gilmore, former Governor of Virginia and candidate for US Senate, supports an environmentally sensitive approach to successful drilling in Anwar. The facility will be less than one sixth the size of Dulles Airport in a location the size of South Carolina.

Mark Warner has said he will not support drilling off the coast of the United States, though he has flipped his position slightly by stating he might be willing to support exploration.

Gilmore has maintained a position now being advocated across America, drill here-drill now. The idea is two-fold. First, there are billions of barrels of oil off the American Coast which the Chinese are taking full advantage of while they get set to drill off our Florida coast under a Cuban flag. Second, the exercise of committing to drilling for our own sources of oil will drive prices of a barrel of oil down immediately.

The Ten Year Myth

Warner has stated that it would take more than ten years to begin pulling oil out of the ground in America or off her coasts and that it is not a long term solution.

Gilmore has highlighted two specific challenges facing Warner’s argument. First, technology has come far enough along to assist in preparation and withdrawal of oil in an environmentally sensitive fashion. Second, Gilmore reminds Warner that people, Virginians, need help today not a decade from now, and that drilling will have an immediate impact on the budgets of average Americans.

Warner is trying to convince people prices of oil will not change by drilling off the American coastline. Unfortunately he is either attempting to manipulate voters or he has forgotten that oil is traded on the futures market.

The idea is that speculators, people paid to speculate on the long term cost of a product, currently see oil skyrocketing in cost because of a weak dollar and supply versus demand.

The counter to that argument is to remind the uninitiated that if America had its own source of oil in its back yard the futures market would slash the cost of a barrel in hopes of staying alive in the largest and most lucrative economy in the world.

Gilmore advocates a diverse energy policy that pursues, among other solutions, clean coal, Nuclear power, wind and solar, but unlike Warner, he sees a crisis today in the living rooms and around the dinner tables of working Virginians and Americans across the country. A crisis today must be met with solutions not rhetoric.

Drilling off the coast and in a tiny section in Anwar will drastically reduce the cost of a barrel of oil. Such steps would buy America time while the country effectively diversifies its energy policies.

What America cannot afford at a time when working families struggle to put gas in their cars so that they can go to work, is to follow the same stale policies Warner and Obama suggest they support. America needs bold leadership that’s not afraid to make difficult decisions and who puts the working people first.

Gilmore is a proven leader who keeps his word and he is the only candidate for the US Senate in Virginia that has presented an actual plan to address the greatest crisis of this generation.

It boils down to Warner’s “do nothing now and point fingers later,” approach to leadership, or Jim Gilmore’s pro active position that includes bringing plans to the table to address energy independence and skyrocketing fuel costs at the pump….which person do you want speaking for you in Washington, D.C.?

Stephen Winslow is the executive editor of Conservative Viewpoints.


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