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Actions Speak; Clinton, Dems put party politics ahead of country

Posted by Stephen on September 17, 2008

For some news today that Hillary Clinton has withdrawn from a protest geared toward sending a message to Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and the Iranian Government before his UN visit is no great surprise.

Bankrupt of ideas and having no principles to lean on, the Democratic Party has become reduced to a group of bitter politicians that can’t seem to fill their insatiable appetite for power. As a result, the significance of having a sworn enemy of peace, and a supporter of the fighters that currently shoot and kill American soldiers in Iraq, on our soil, is lost on the liberal left led now by Barack Obama and the Clinton clan.

The Clinton camp, clearly bowing to the request of Obama, who has vowed to support the concerns of the Iranian at a high enough level to agree to meet with him despite his desire to eliminate Israel from the face of the earth, stated they could not support Clinton’s participation in a partisan political event.

Blinded by their obsession for power, Micah Halperin, a Middle East expert and syndicated columnist, points out that backing out of the pro American rally, a position now supported by the Democratic Party, Clinton and Obama is “problematic.”

Halperin, who is Jewish and called Clinton “a far better candidate” for Democrats than Obama, suggested that her actions could backfire on the Democratic ticket.

“Jews traditionally vote Democratic, and if a major Democratic leader does not join in the fight against Iran, where are those voters going to go?” he asked. “It’s problematic from the very point of view that says you have a national political leader who fundamentally is choosing not to stand up against Ahmadinejad.

This latest move could be called a knee jerk reaction motivated by Obama’s inexperience, combined with Clinton’s continued desire to chase the Presidency. His desire to shun Palin and her desire to avoid a confrontation with the more popular Governor from Alaska call into question the judgment of both Democratic Presidential want-to-bees.

It changes my view of [Clinton’s] wisdom, of her ability to take a situation, analyze it and come out on the right side, and that is deeply troubling to almost every voter in America, not just Jewish voters,” Halperin said, adding that Clinton’s move “is the kind of thing” that could tip voters toward McCain.

What voters should come to realize is that the McCain/Palin ticket is spending their time and energy focusing on American problems for American families while the Obama/Biden/Clinton ticket is focusing on beating Republicans….no matter how damaging to American interests their actions are.

Stephen Winslow is the executive editor of Conservative Viewpoints.


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