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Biden believes you should ‘pay more, pay now’ to show patriotism

Posted by Stephen on September 18, 2008

Give credit where credit is due; at least Joe Biden isn’t afraid to share the Democrat’s desire to expand economic socialism. He even has the audacity to suggest it’s unpatriotic to disagree.

Biden said the GOP presidential nominee was out of touch with the problems of average Americans.

Biden’s solution to your economic problems is to take more of your money. That’s right. With a straight face Biden looked into the eyes of the American people and told us today that the solution to your loss of disposable income is to take more of it.

Not once has a single Democrat in leadership suggested that the patriotic thing for government to do is to identify wasteful spending and eliminate it today. Not once have they discussed cutting before taking more of the fruits of your labor. Quite the contrary.

Biden and Democrats seem to suggest that kicking you while you are down in the name of allowing government to solve all your problems is the only way to show your support for America.

Can anyone blame them?

Bankrupt of ideas, little in the way of principles, and an inability to see beyond their obsession for power leaves them no choice but to convince you that you have a responsibility to give more money to them, the liberal left, so that they can solve all your problems by expanding the size of government and wasting your hard earned money in the guise of ‘taking care of you’…as though they have a track record of such things.

The reality is, Biden had the nerve to share with you the Democrats’ platform for leadership…pay now, pay more….anything less, according to Democrats is unpatriotic.

Stephen Winslow is the executive editor of Conservative Viewpoints.


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